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  1. Great list ! I would add "The Little Foxes" , "It came Form Outer Space" or "Creature From The Black Lagoon" and "Fly-By-Night"(1942). I haven`t yet seen RIDERS TO THE STARS. Lorraine
  2. "Like Real People"-I agree. Several of my favorite classic film actors-Richard Carlson, William Holden, Spencer Tracy, Jimmy Stewart,Gary Cooper, Joel McCrea, Dana Andrews-all are quietly effective, natural and the majority of the time understated. Lorraine
  3. Re; Hi ! Yes, Carlson`s earnest sincerity made you believe in what he was saying. I have read a couple of newspaper articles from the 1950`s in which Carlson was interviewed-he came across as modest and sincere with a blunt honesty.In one of the interviews he stated that he loved money, because he wanted prosperity for his family.He also stated that he was grateful for television because he knew he would rise no higher as a film actor. He and his wife were happily married for 38 years until his death and had two sons. I `m going to write to TCM suggesting that they honor him in 2012 during
  4. Re; Yes, Richard Carlson died too young. Sadly, he was another nice Hollywood actor who had a drinking problem-alcoholism was a contributing factor in his death. I love him in "Beyond Tomorrow"1940) and another early film "The Little Foxes"(1941) in which he gives a very good performance and holds his own against Bette Davis.Many film critics lable Carlson as a "bland actor" but I disagree. think he was a very good actor-quietly effective in every film which I have seen him in. I like his earnest sweetness,gentleness, intelligence, and somewhat shy,soft-spoken, hands in his pockets manner.
  5. Richard Carlson is one of my favorite actors. I enjoy his early(1938-1943) films and his 1950`s sci-fi films. I watched "The Magnetic Monster" and enjoyed it very much. Carlson was the perfect 1950`s sci-fi hero-intelligent, masculine, earnest,stalwart,soft-spoken, sweet and gentle. In "The Magnetic Monster" I especially enjoyed his scenes with the actress playing his wife and the scene wih kathleen Freeman as the office receptionist. In his early films he conveyed an earnest sweetness which is very endearing. TCM recently aired "Valentino"(1951) and I loved Carlson playing the role of direct
  6. I don`t have photos, but four of my favorite male brunettes are: Richard Carlson Gordon MacRae James Craig David Manners Lorraine
  7. I don`t have photos, but four of my favorite male brunettes are: Richard Carlson Gordon MacRae James Craig David Manners Lorraine
  8. Anne Jeffries who had a small supporting role in I MARRIED AN ANGEL(she was one of the Tira-lay girls) tells a sweet story about how Nelson on the set of IMAA entertained the cast and crew members by tap dancing while singing Gilbert ans Sulllivan patter songs. She described Jeanette as very kind and funny, but distant-retiring to her dressing room between takes. Jeanette tired easily due to her rheumatic heart disease and rested between takes. Jeanette had the MGM prop department design for her a special leaning board wide enough to accomodate the wide skirts of her period costumes so she c
  9. Originally Nelson planned only to make a couple of pictures to further his career as a concert recitalist. He never felt comfortable in Hollywood-found the lifestyle to be shallow and phoney. In 1935, he turned down a contract from the Metropolitan Opera to stay in Hollywood so he could be near Jeanette MacDonald. Nelson had it written in his contract that he was absent from MGM each year from the end of January to May 1st so he could perform in his annual concert tour. Unlike Nelson, Jeanette loved being a movie star, but also enjoyed performing in concerts. Lorraine
  10. I think this quote is included in one of the Mac/Eddy fan club journals. The quote was included in an interview which Nelson gave in 1958, when he and Jeanette recorded their reunion album for RCA. It is a beautiful quote-it makes me cry everytime I read it. Beauty does that to me. Lorraine
  11. " Beauty comes from the soul. The body is just a cover. Sure it ages and gets worn. But, it`s the person himself who radiates beauty or doesn`t. That`s why I`ll care for Miss MacDonald till the day I die. I know her, and what she is to me can never be marred by age". Nelson Eddy(1958) I respect the opinion of those who don`t believe that Nelson and Jeanette were in love but after much research and mainly my own feelings and observations, I believe they did have a deeply intense, troubled love affair which lasted from the time they first met in 1933 until their dea
  12. Nelson Eddy was one of the few men who could come across as angelic and sexy at the same time. Lorraine
  13. Re; William Holden in all of his films LOVE IS A MANY SPLENDORED THING and PICNIC are my two special favorite Holden films .Bill was manly , intelligent and often cynical but not afraid to show he could be sweet, gentle, sensitive, tender and vulnerable. Bill`s humanity-his inate understanding of human frailities , immense compassion/sympathy and the "human heroism" shown by himself as a man and the characters he portrayed touch my heart in a very special way. golden4178 (Lorraine)
  14. RE: THE COUNTRY GIRL:Grace Kelly slaps Bill Holden hard across the face-in response he takes her in his arms and passionately kisses her. Lorraine
  15. Some of my favorite movie characters: 1.Bill Holden Gloria Swanson and Erich Von Stroheim as Joe Gillis, Norma Desmond and Max in SUNSET BOULEVARD 2.Judy Holliday as Billie Dawn,Bill Holden as Paul Verrall and Broderick Crawford in BORN YESTERDAY. 3.Bill Holden as Sgt. Sefton in STALAG 17 4.Bill Holden as Bernie Dodd Grace Kelly as Georgie Elgin and Bing Crosby as Frank Elgin in THE CoUNTRY GIRL 5.Bill Holden as David Larrabee Audrey Hepburn as Sabrina Fairchild in SABRINA 6.Bill Holden as Shears,Alec Guinness as Col Nicholson in BRIDGE ON THE RIVER KWAI 7.Bill Holden as Harry Bruba
  16. Re: My top five 1.William Holden 2.Gary Cooper 3.Cary Grant 4.Dana Andrews 5.Gordon MacRae Lorraine
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