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  1. Despite RZ's disappearance, I am also quite happy to see TCM dive into the genre of cheezy cult movies.
  2. Give Rob a break. The thing didn't even begin production yet, and you're already writing him off. If a remake had to happen, I would much rather have a person like RZ directing this than any old Joe Schmo because he loves the genre. The past seven Halloweens after the original have basically sucked. So if this new one also ends up sucking, we can always look back at how good the first one was. Peace.
  3. I am assuming that they recorded all his intros at once for the first season of TCMU, so it is weird that all of a sudden he disappeared. They changed the intro, no mention of him any more. I know three weeks ago, Robert Osborne said Rob Zombie will be up next with this week's Underground, but Zombie was never there. I know the press release for Underground only went up to the end of December, which was when Zombie disappeared. Friday, December 29 2:00 AM Madhouse (?74) 3:45 AM The Last Man on Earth (?64) So maybe that is all he shot at the time he was there, and they couldn'
  4. I sent a letter to him via The Hollywood Reporter where he works and received no reply.
  5. > I just checked out that link. That's a little strange > they're still calling it Syncopation Station when > there's not a weekly slot for it anymore. Does anyone > know the scoop on this? If you notice the URL of the site, it is for the Asian TCM Channel.
  6. I agree, they should have left it be. But, I have been recording it as I have Silent Sunday Nights because I have to be up early Monday.
  7. In the USA Weekend paper, there is an interview that he and Mickey Rooney did together. It was kind of interesting. http://www.usaweekend.com/06_issues/061105/061105holiday_movies.html#interview
  8. Yes, that is what I mean. It alerts you like a week or so ahead of time when the movie is about to be played. I do it incase I forget it being on.
  9. > Do they ever repeat stars of the month or is that > fairly unlikely? I'm hoping they might so I can > console myself for the lost opportunity. You can type the movies you want to see into the TCM site and then submit your email so they'll alert you if they pop up on the schedule. Because I know I have missed movies from time to time that are rarely shown.
  10. > The part when Spencer Tracy is leaving Hepburn's > apartment with Joan Blondell being there, pretending > to stumble and being drunk was an ad-lib. Watch the > reaction of Hepburn as she burst's out in natural > laughter, it's priceless. I saw this movie countless times but didn't know that! I also agree that this is one of my favorite Hepburn/Tracy films.
  11. Do any of you collect movie memorabilia? If so, what? I collect autographs as well as original 8x10 photos.
  12. TCM is awesome for paying tribute to Vincent Price who is often neglected during the Halloween season. TCM played plenty of "classic" horror films this month. They just didn't overload on them.
  13. Dracula, Frankenstein, Wolfman, etc... Already have these on DVD. AMC has the broadcasting rights to them now anyway. Atleast with VP, we're getting some movies rarely seen on TCM.
  14. I think Martin is fantastic. The most original vampire movie since Lugosi in Dracula '31. Maybe TCM will show that as part of the second season of TCMU.
  15. > Two of my > favorite movies are "King Kong" and "Mighty Joe > Young". Those two look like Cary Grant compared to > that "Freaky Gorilla" Rob Zombie! I think the whole ape/Rob Zombie joke got old about a week and a half ago...
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