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  1. I'm thinking it was probably One, Two , Three, but I'm a Cagney fan, so... Another good one although not the one you are looking for Escape from East Berlin-
  2. OMG, that's it! Brilliant! Thanks so much!
  3. No love for "Clash of the Titans?" Come on! It's a classic guilty pleasure.
  4. I've searced the various databases without success and am now turning to my fellow movie buffs for help. I'm looking to identify a movie I saw about 20 years ago. Action thriller with the plotline of a cop/detective who has a missing and or murdered daughter. It's British and set in England. The daughter was involved with a radical environmental group called Gaia and the key to the mystery (repeated through the film) is the daughter singing "Ratatouile, ratatouile, all I want is ratatouile" which leads to a document hidden in a cookbook. It was contemporary to the time I saw it- maybe the earl
  5. Awesome! Thanks so much for the link!
  6. Last scene of Casablanca. That flicker that passes over Claude Raines' face and you see his mind change in that instant. You know he's letting Rick off just before he says "Round up the usual suspects." And another, from the absolutely brutal "The Pawnbroker," when Rodriguez, trying to connect with Mr. Naserman, just gives up. The little friendly light in his eyes just dies as he realizes that Naserman is wholly indifferent. It rips you up, that movie, but it's brilliant and full of wonderful performances.
  7. Years ago I saw a movie short circa 1930's that was a little gangster film, but an all-dog cast. I kid you not. They dubbed in lines for the dogs and spoofed the big stars. It was hilarious. I've never found it again. I believe that there was more than one "doggy film" in this series, but I am not sure. Surely there must be someone out there who has seen this little gem and can give me some information on it.
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