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  1. As far as any of the movies made during the 60's starring Rock and Roll singers the story line was garbage.You can take the Beatles,Hermans Hermits,Sonny and Cher or even Frankie Avalon they were just made to get the singer/group on the scrren any way they could plot be damned.
  2. How right you are Anne. This past holiday season I said to my wife what are they going to listen to in the future for Christmas music? The songs and artist we grew up listening to like Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole and Johnny Mathis are getting less and less air time and when someone does make a Christmas song they make sure it's about snowmen or some other non-religious theme.None of them worth repeating year to year.
  3. Didn't someone pair Eastwood with Burt Reynolds years later for another musical bomb? I believe it took place during the 1920's.STRIKE TWO CLINT !!!
  4. Your argument sounds like there should be less government involvement with national health care (we aren't talking V.A. hospitals).Both parties spend OUR MONEY to freely on that we both agree and expanding the government only adds to our dependence to entitlements.All the best..........W.K.
  5. I enjoy musicals but just never saw "Star'.By your review I guess I am lucky.....thanks!
  6. Obviously you have not been in the military.The V.A. hospitals have never been a hospital you would call satisfactory health care.I experiened government heath care through the military( 1967- 1970) and I wasn't impressed.A friend of mine who is a Brit needed an operation and had to wait 8 months for it.The only difference between the two parties on this is the left wants to expand government and the right knows government will make it worst thus supporting the private sector.
  7. I don't know where you've been but politics has been popping up for months now on this site if not in "sexism in classics' to race in hollywood.I simply answered a post there are plenty of other threads if you don't like a posting.
  8. Nope .....never saw it so I can't comment.( note honesty and frankness)
  9. You state the conditions at Walter reed shows what the establishment thinks of it's citizens.Yet the liberal left keeps pushing for the government to take control of our national health.They can't even run the Vet hospitals.
  10. I don't believe I ever saw "Star' .Unless you are shortening the title........Please give more details.!!!
  11. Without a doubt the worst musical ever made is "Paint your Wagon". Tar and feather the lot of them.!!!
  12. I wasn't aware Forrest Gump and American Pie were made into musicals...........Hmmmm
  13. One thing I learnt over the years is how many of these musical stars were crmbs off the set.Don't read any books on Al Jolson, Howard Keel and George M. Cohan unless you want your bubble busted.
  14. When I was a kid my parents enjoyed musicals and like any boy my brother and I moaned but were dragged along to see them.I forget what we went to see but I remember the second feature was Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.The athletic dance scene at the barn raising stuck in my memory for years and 25 years later it was playing at one of those movie theatres in Manhattan that show only old movies. It seemed like they buried it for years but it stuck in my memory and I took my wife who loves musicals to see it.She never saw it but knew Howard Keel from other musicals and she loved it.None of the
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