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  1. I absolutely agree. Just check out the review here: http://www.observer.com/node/48689 Eyman's comments like "a woman who managed to become a major star without ever earning the bona fides of a major actress." Hello, she was nominated 3 times for Best Actress. Here's some more: "her line readings were often flat and gauche." "served as another notch on Warren Beatty's bedpost, which seems to have induced a mysterious suicide attempt." "you couldn't say she was a natural screen comedienne. It's almost as if acting was some sort of violation of her essential nature, even as it fed her need for drama, for notice." "Mr. Wagner isn't entirely clear... what a woman who had always been terrified of the water was doing trying to get into a dinghy" RJ said he knew she didn't take the dinghy. "but [her] career is punctuated by dreary failure." "She helps render West Side Story unwatchable" + "And yes, she's very moving in Splendor in the Grass , but Elia Kazan could have drawn good work out of Lash La Rue." I'd say he's got something against her. Message was edited by: Stephhxxx3
  2. This Property is Condemned is my absolute favorite film of Natalie's. I suggest it, along with Inside Daisy Clover, every once in a while but they never show it.
  3. Hey everyone! I see that you have found This Property is Condemned on YouTube. I uploaded it and just wanted to let you know that the reason for the title being backwards is so that it won't be removed from the site. I just uploaded Sex and the Single Girl a couple of weeks ago, so that's up there too. Also, if you haven't checked out [my Natalie fansite|nataliewoodfan.co.nr], please do. There's also a message board.
  4. Does anyone have the tribute to Natalie that RR gave on TCM? I'm looking all over for it but nobody has it. I'm dying to see it! Nat's my favorite.
  5. Natalie Wood - (Splendor in the Grass & Love With the Proper Stranger). She was robbed so many times, it's insane. Hard to believe she never even got one.
  6. Hey everyone! I'm looking for the clip of Robert Redford narrating a tribute to Natalie Wood. It's only a few minutes long and showed between programming. It's showed on TCM every once in a while, I heard. I really, really would love to see it and if anyone could point me in a direction, that'd be great! Thanks!
  7. Natalie Wood, especially in Miracle on 34th Street.
  8. Always Gene in my book. The man made EVERYTHING look easy. Heck, everytime I watch Moses Supposes, I think I can do everything exactly the same (which I can't, but my friend is learning it!) Plus the handsomeness + other talents are all pluses in my book. <3
  9. This is a complete no brainer for me. (And yes, I have seen both in film and dancing.) Gene Kelly. GAHHH, he was/is freakin' amazing! Not to mention was incredibly talented in other ways other than dancing and amazingly handsome.
  10. Ok, this list is okay, but insane at the same time. I agree that Singin' in the Rain is a WONDERFUL musical but I see it as my 3rd favorite. TOP 3 [in order] 1. The Sound of Music 2. West Side Story [as it is #2 on the list] 3. Singin' in the Rain. I think that An American in Paris should have been higher up, but I think that Oz is wayyy to overrated and TSoM is so much better than it. All in my opinion, of course.
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