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  1. If you are looking for a veteran http://www.americanwarlibrary.com/library.htm
  2. Compass_Rose apparently has an 'in' with the TCM skedulers. Compass, recommend more like 12 O'Clock please.
  3. Coming up on the second season of "The Big Interview," award winning director Oliver Stone (US Army) doesn't hold back! In fact, he was as candid with us as he's ever been -- going into detail about working in Hollywood and what he sees as Steven Spielberg's "view of exceptionalism." Click below for more. Monday at 8pm ET/5pm PT on AXS TV. Website info: DAN RATHER (US Marine Corps) REPORTS: https://www.facebook.com/DanRatherReports
  4. Your Military Awards: Always Know What They Are Some of your military awards and authorizations are listed on your Report of Separation (DD-214), but there may be other authorizations that you may not know about. Form 201-A lists your military medals, awards, authorizations and possible awards. A website exists to assist you in obtaining Form 201-A: http://www.amervets.com/201areq.htm Upon receiving your 201A Report attach it to your DD-214 and preserve both for future family members.
  5. 36 HOURS (James Garner) is a good film, but fictional. A fact-based D-Day film is: THE MAN WHO NEVER WAS (Clifton Webb). Rommel and others were taken in by the operation to deceive. (See the book: THE ROMMEL DIARIES)-- PHILL (http://www.13105320634.com)
  6. Since the creation of Hollywood it's done a fairly good job of making war movies... the need to entertain the girls, inspire the boys... and make enough money to make the next film while paying the rent at home, being the chief goals of producers. Having been to war and seen firsthand how real life is translated to script and then visually to film, the job of achieving accuracy while depicting those true events in a credible or believable way to the audience is a difficult task. Many directors succeed. Some don't. Having watched war movies since I was four (in 1954) up to the day I enl
  7. I said TCM picks movies that it's viewer data tells them which movies MOST viewers want to see. You are saying that TCM should determine its movie lineup based on what YOU want to see. Okay, you need to do one of two things... One, you need to convince TCM that you, and not their survey or viewer data, knows more about what the public wants to see. Or two, you need to get the head job as TCM's film picker. Sorry I offended you. No one told me that you alone represent the Nielsen Ratings for the entire country. Now that I've gotten the word I will ignore your future postings. You're right.
  8. I must have seen OSS a dozen times before I enlisted in the Army in 1968 and subsequently entered CI. My dad was OSS under Joe Louis (little known as an OSS operative using his boxing career and friendship with Max Schmelling to gain access to Nazi intell). This movie is the premise of the Editor of the DEA Watch website (deawatch.com). OSS isn't shown enough on TCM. It would inspire many generations of future CI agents. My biggest reward in life was having Universal Studios buy my life story as part of their Jason Bourne first film research and inclusion in 1990. Thanks for mentioning thi
  9. Your disappointment is completely understandable. However, you need to keep in mind that TCM, like most broadcasters, relies on its viewer data info to determine which movies will garnish the most viewers. And since most WW2 era viewers are dead or dying, the pool that TCM relies on (post-Vietnam and non-vets) are not the most 'ancestral' or 'historic' war movie sophisticates, so to speak. Also, when you file a complaint that TCM isn't showing the movies you'd like to see, you need to list the titles of those movies you think should be aired, and provide backup evidence that you have reque
  10. The movie "Devil's Brigade" is getting re-newed interest because the Canadians, who are pulling out of Afghanistan, have launched a new PR campaign intended to offset any negative criticisms from right-wing members of the US Congress. The vehicle the Canadians have chosen to use for the purpose of reaffirming US and Canadian military partnership is the joint US-Canadian operation depicted in "The Devil's Brigade" (William Holden). The Canadians are currently scouring both their veteran's ranks, and now searching for American veterans who served in the 'Brigade' to issue an award to... with ple
  11. Women will soon be allowed to serve as front-line combat soldiers sharing the grit of battle alongside males, both heterosexual and homosexual. Women in movies past served only as love props, but when women begin going toe-to-toe with enemy soldiers Hollywood will be obligated to create female John Wayne's... Wayne never spent a single day in combat but even before WW2 he was believed by many young recruits to be a bonafide war hero. Should Hollywood begin now to create new female war heroines in the mode of John Wayne? P.S. "GI Jane" was considered a cartoon by both males and females in our
  12. Between the age of 5 and 18 1/2 (when I arrived in Vietnam) I must have watched a couple hundred war movies... all of which I thought were great. However, after serving in a war zone I found the only war movies that had any strong credibility or validity were those war movies that had no female characters distracting from the war's depicted. Phill http://www.americanwarlibrary.com/a44/a44.htm
  13. Just as we would not send any of our soldiers to march in other states, and tyrannize other people.+ The above worked okay for Stonewall for his command, but it was not true for other commanders... nor was it true for our nation under George W. Bush who never read Stonewall... in fact, prior to getting the Presidency Bush had never read a single book during his entire life. The point being... commanders make up their own rules and codes that are convenient for themselves only.
  14. “Paths of Glory” was an important film to me because I served in a unit in Vietnam that was deliberately targeted by American artillery in 1970. Another “friendly fire” incident that occured at the same time was chosen by Carol Burnett as one of her first dramatic roles. “Friendly Fire” is more often deliberate, as Kirk Douglas wished to emphasize in “Paths of Glory”. 51% of Americans killed during the first Gulf War were killed by “friendly fire”. The numbers for WW1,WW2, Korea, Iraq and Afghanistan are equally horrendous. It is said that in combat we Americans “are never outgunned”.
  15. The Invisible Menace Suggested By: PhillColeman Cy Kendall, Regis Toomey and Boris Karloff all played their traditional characters in this pre-war film that predicted the spy menace a full year before Germany invaded Poland to alert the American public. http://www.tcm.com/suggest-a-movie/index.html#suggestions
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