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  1. Compass_Rose apparently has an 'in' with the TCM skedulers. Compass, recommend more like 12 O'Clock please.
  2. The movie "Devil's Brigade" is getting re-newed interest because the Canadians, who are pulling out of Afghanistan, have launched a new PR campaign intended to offset any negative criticisms from right-wing members of the US Congress. The vehicle the Canadians have chosen to use for the purpose of reaffirming US and Canadian military partnership is the joint US-Canadian operation depicted in "The Devil's Brigade" (William Holden). The Canadians are currently scouring both their veteran's ranks, and now searching for American veterans who served in the 'Brigade' to issue an award to... with ple
  3. Twilight's Last Gleaming Suggested By: PhillColeman Our nation, this year, celebrates the 50th anniversary of our (stated) entry into Vietnam. Burt Lancaster hoped to get America more aware of that entry over 30 years ago during the suppression of the Daniel Ellsberg trials. As a Vietnam vet this film is one of the best on the war... along with Apocalypse Now and Go Tell The Spartans (also a Lancaster anti-war film). http://www.tcm.com/suggest-a-movie/index.html#suggestions
  4. There are a number of excellent American films but the British have made many that are far superior. Of course, any war films that don't include women are more realistic because romance is all but non-existent in combat. In the history of American war films those that don't include romance can probably be counted on one hand. War films should be realistic for the sake of the male children who will one day be called upon to serve. -- Phill
  5. British war movies have generally been rated better than American war movies because Brit war movies usually have no music scores... there are no bands playing in combat Brits usually make realistic war movies... John Wayne was booed by soldiers at a USO appearance because the soldiers believed Wayne's war movies deceived them about the real horrors of combat. And Brits usually avoid making fantasy war movies... during and after the Vietnam War American studios pumped out no fewer than eight V'War POW rescue movies... when in fact not a single American prisoner during the V'War was res
  6. Jake wrote: "The greatest war movie ever made is Patton..." "Patton" was indeed an excellent film because the producers adhered closely to the script based on General Omar Bradley's book: "A Soldier's Story". Some of the lines in "Patton" were direct quotes from Bradley's book. Genl Bradley provided some substantial technical advice. I have heard that he even attended the famous viewing at the White House requested by President Nixon, who the following day, was so moved by Patton's blood and guts that he (Nixon) ordered the Cambodian Incursion (1970). "Patton" is one of very few war films
  7. Someone wrote: "I don't know. Even in the old days, women might not have been involved in the actual combat, but there was a role for them in the war effort, as nurses, WACs, etc. It's understandable if the main parts all went to the men, but there were ways to have women, too - and some movies actually focused on the role of women in the war, like Cry 'Havoc' and So Proudly We Hail!." The film I thought under discussion was "Guns of Navaronne" in which the two female actresses performed as infantrymen carrying guns, killing Krauts, and either teasing or avoiding sex. I know of no nurses o
  8. Someone wrote: "3) Strong female characters. So few films even mention that women are involved in war at all." That is, with the exception of some segments of the Russian front during WW2, no women have been involved in active combat. Unfortunately, to sell movie tickets in the US most of our war movies require women occupying over 50% of screen time. Less than a handful of war movies made are realistic in not having a single female face shown... not even in flashbacks (when a GI is reminiscing of his pre-war days) used by some producers to forcibly bring women into the story. One such
  9. I have two favorite war films: 1) The Green Berets (which I saw five times in as many days prior to entering the Army in 1968), and 2) Go Tell it to the Spartans. After coming home from Vietnam in 1970 I watched The Green Berets for the sixth time. I understood it better having lived it. John Wayne, in my view, did a good job making the film. Burt Lancaster told the story of the real war and the insanity it created. -- Phill http://www.americanwarlibrary.com/a44/pcole.htm
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