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  1. If you are looking for a veteran http://www.americanwarlibrary.com/library.htm
  2. Compass_Rose apparently has an 'in' with the TCM skedulers. Compass, recommend more like 12 O'Clock please.
  3. Coming up on the second season of "The Big Interview," award winning director Oliver Stone (US Army) doesn't hold back! In fact, he was as candid with us as he's ever been -- going into detail about working in Hollywood and what he sees as Steven Spielberg's "view of exceptionalism." Click below for more. Monday at 8pm ET/5pm PT on AXS TV. Website info: DAN RATHER (US Marine Corps) REPORTS: https://www.facebook.com/DanRatherReports
  4. Your Military Awards: Always Know What They Are Some of your military awards and authorizations are listed on your Report of Separation (DD-214), but there may be other authorizations that you may not know about. Form 201-A lists your military medals, awards, authorizations and possible awards. A website exists to assist you in obtaining Form 201-A: http://www.amervets.com/201areq.htm Upon receiving your 201A Report attach it to your DD-214 and preserve both for future family members.
  5. 36 HOURS (James Garner) is a good film, but fictional. A fact-based D-Day film is: THE MAN WHO NEVER WAS (Clifton Webb). Rommel and others were taken in by the operation to deceive. (See the book: THE ROMMEL DIARIES)-- PHILL (http://www.13105320634.com)
  6. Since the creation of Hollywood it's done a fairly good job of making war movies... the need to entertain the girls, inspire the boys... and make enough money to make the next film while paying the rent at home, being the chief goals of producers. Having been to war and seen firsthand how real life is translated to script and then visually to film, the job of achieving accuracy while depicting those true events in a credible or believable way to the audience is a difficult task. Many directors succeed. Some don't. Having watched war movies since I was four (in 1954) up to the day I enlisted in the Army in 1968 and volunteered to serve in Vietnam (having watched the movie, "The Green Berets", five times in as many days), I came to realize that it isn't the war movie that makes future soldiers join and serve with distinction or disgrace, but war movies do provide some insight into what a soldier can expect when he enters the military and arrives in a war zone. Audie Murphy didn't see any war movies prior to enlisting... John Wayne saw many wr movies before WW2 yet never served in uniform. However, in all of the movies I have seen, there have been only two movies that I feel best prepare the soldier for the insanity that war is. Needless to say, war is insane. Anyone who has served in a war zone can testify to the fact that the struggle to remain sane, act, do and think sanely is a challenge for most humans even in peacetime. But the soldier I think who can best function in a war is one who has been prepared to constantly deal with insanity, chaos, stupidity, cowardice, bravery, foolhardiness, eccentricty, control freaks, homosexeual commanders, idiot officers, etc. etc... and take control of difficult instances. Two war-related movies I'd like to see on TCM which have never been aired on TV are: "Hammersmith Is Out" (Richard Burton), and "All This And World War II" (The Beatles). If every soldier was ordered to view both of these movies just prior to embarking for a combat zone his wartime performance would be astronomically efficient. He would be prepared for all that he will encounter in war... insanity. Innoculating a soldier for insanity is as beneficial as innoculating him for common diseases he will be exposed to in the host war zone he is bound for. Phill http://www.americanwarlibrary.com/a44/pcole.htm
  7. I said TCM picks movies that it's viewer data tells them which movies MOST viewers want to see. You are saying that TCM should determine its movie lineup based on what YOU want to see. Okay, you need to do one of two things... One, you need to convince TCM that you, and not their survey or viewer data, knows more about what the public wants to see. Or two, you need to get the head job as TCM's film picker. Sorry I offended you. No one told me that you alone represent the Nielsen Ratings for the entire country. Now that I've gotten the word I will ignore your future postings. You're right. TCM and the rest of us are wrong. Geeziz! I sure wish the newspapers would tell us when God is in our midst!!!!
  8. PhillColeman


    I must have seen OSS a dozen times before I enlisted in the Army in 1968 and subsequently entered CI. My dad was OSS under Joe Louis (little known as an OSS operative using his boxing career and friendship with Max Schmelling to gain access to Nazi intell). This movie is the premise of the Editor of the DEA Watch website (deawatch.com). OSS isn't shown enough on TCM. It would inspire many generations of future CI agents. My biggest reward in life was having Universal Studios buy my life story as part of their Jason Bourne first film research and inclusion in 1990. Thanks for mentioning this film. Let's keep our fingers crossed that Bob or Ben will sked OSS for regular broadcasting. I think the old-timers in Langley, soon to be gone forever, would appreciate it. Phill http://www.americanwarlibrary.com/a44/pcole.htm
  9. Your disappointment is completely understandable. However, you need to keep in mind that TCM, like most broadcasters, relies on its viewer data info to determine which movies will garnish the most viewers. And since most WW2 era viewers are dead or dying, the pool that TCM relies on (post-Vietnam and non-vets) are not the most 'ancestral' or 'historic' war movie sophisticates, so to speak. Also, when you file a complaint that TCM isn't showing the movies you'd like to see, you need to list the titles of those movies you think should be aired, and provide backup evidence that you have requested those titles via the TCM request-a-movie website. Bottomline, let's be grateful that we have TCM... because w/o Ted Turner's and Jane Fonda's fabulous creation of TCM and their continued devotion to Military Holiday's, we would be at the mercy of those TV channels that feed the American public the silliness that is degrading our national conscience, ethics and morality with perverse nonsense.... Respectfully, Phill http://www.americanwarlibrary.com/a44/pcole.htm
  10. The movie "Devil's Brigade" is getting re-newed interest because the Canadians, who are pulling out of Afghanistan, have launched a new PR campaign intended to offset any negative criticisms from right-wing members of the US Congress. The vehicle the Canadians have chosen to use for the purpose of reaffirming US and Canadian military partnership is the joint US-Canadian operation depicted in "The Devil's Brigade" (William Holden). The Canadians are currently scouring both their veteran's ranks, and now searching for American veterans who served in the 'Brigade' to issue an award to... with plenty of newmedia photo-ops, etc. You can find out more by googling "Devil's Brigade" in Google News. Phill http://www.americanwarlibrary.com/a44/pcole.htm
  11. Women will soon be allowed to serve as front-line combat soldiers sharing the grit of battle alongside males, both heterosexual and homosexual. Women in movies past served only as love props, but when women begin going toe-to-toe with enemy soldiers Hollywood will be obligated to create female John Wayne's... Wayne never spent a single day in combat but even before WW2 he was believed by many young recruits to be a bonafide war hero. Should Hollywood begin now to create new female war heroines in the mode of John Wayne? P.S. "GI Jane" was considered a cartoon by both males and females in our military. -- Phill Coleman http://www.amervets.com/phill
  12. Between the age of 5 and 18 1/2 (when I arrived in Vietnam) I must have watched a couple hundred war movies... all of which I thought were great. However, after serving in a war zone I found the only war movies that had any strong credibility or validity were those war movies that had no female characters distracting from the war's depicted. Phill http://www.americanwarlibrary.com/a44/a44.htm
  13. Just as we would not send any of our soldiers to march in other states, and tyrannize other people.+ The above worked okay for Stonewall for his command, but it was not true for other commanders... nor was it true for our nation under George W. Bush who never read Stonewall... in fact, prior to getting the Presidency Bush had never read a single book during his entire life. The point being... commanders make up their own rules and codes that are convenient for themselves only.
  14. “Paths of Glory” was an important film to me because I served in a unit in Vietnam that was deliberately targeted by American artillery in 1970. Another “friendly fire” incident that occured at the same time was chosen by Carol Burnett as one of her first dramatic roles. “Friendly Fire” is more often deliberate, as Kirk Douglas wished to emphasize in “Paths of Glory”. 51% of Americans killed during the first Gulf War were killed by “friendly fire”. The numbers for WW1,WW2, Korea, Iraq and Afghanistan are equally horrendous. It is said that in combat we Americans “are never outgunned”. Having served in Vietnam I can attest that rule is true. But what also needs notice is that Americans in combat are also “never out-scared” and “never out-fratricidal”. American commanders, in many cases knowingly, fire on fellow Americans on purpose both for strategic and personnel reasons. Perhaps this is also why we Americans commit more murders than any other nation. Phill Coleman (you can google me)
  15. The Invisible Menace Suggested By: PhillColeman Cy Kendall, Regis Toomey and Boris Karloff all played their traditional characters in this pre-war film that predicted the spy menace a full year before Germany invaded Poland to alert the American public. http://www.tcm.com/suggest-a-movie/index.html#suggestions
  16. All This And World War Too Suggested By: PhillColeman Frank Sinatra made a superb film titled "Suddenly" which he had to yank because JFK was assassinated. John Lennon helped to make a great film on WW2 titled "All This and World War Too" but reportedly yanked it because Hooverian feebs were on his tail and viewed this film as an anti-war statement against the Vietnam War... but the scenes and perfect music matched superbly. A treasure not seen by the American public for more than 30 years. http://www.tcm.com/suggest-a-movie/index.html#suggestions
  17. Twilight's Last Gleaming Suggested By: PhillColeman Our nation, this year, celebrates the 50th anniversary of our (stated) entry into Vietnam. Burt Lancaster hoped to get America more aware of that entry over 30 years ago during the suppression of the Daniel Ellsberg trials. As a Vietnam vet this film is one of the best on the war... along with Apocalypse Now and Go Tell The Spartans (also a Lancaster anti-war film). http://www.tcm.com/suggest-a-movie/index.html#suggestions
  18. In exchange for patronizing the 'social media' sites, such as Facebook, essential services such as seeing the movie schedule or clicking on "Suggest (this) movie and "Remind me" have been sacrificed by TCM webmasters. Shame, shame shame on TCM for abandoning the principle of "The Classics" for contemporary, current crapola like Facebook links. True movie buffs don't watch Turner to make new friends in the ether. We watch TCM because those movies take us back to a good and decent time of principles when people made friends in the flesh, not over the telephone or a keyboard. I fear that TCM has lost sight of what the words "The Classics" truly mean. Phill Coleman http://www.americanwarlibrary.com/a44/pc2.htm Universal Studios life story contract
  19. Cease Fire was made by Hal Wallis in 1953 and may be the only American feature film shot on an actual battlefield during the time the war was being fought. Not seen on American TV in over 50 years. Does anyone know of any other war films made during a war on an actual battlefield using real soldiers as actors?
  20. My posting yesterday about the death of Tony Curtis must have offended someone who complained to the TCM board moderator who deleted my post. I thought it was okay to post a note about Mr. Curtis' death since many of his films are shown on TCM and he was motivated to join the Navy and become a submarine sailor during WW2 after watching one of his idols, Cary Grant, star in "Destination Tokyo". Mr. Curtis later performed in a submarine movie with Cary Grant, "Operation Petticoat". Many of the movies aired on TCM were performed by military veterans before, during and after WWII. Their real-life experiences helped them to come across as believable characters in their movies. Whomever I offended for my post about Mr. Curtis' death I won't apologize to because the sign hanging over the door of this Forum reads: "War Movies". Mr. Curtis was both a war veteran and an actor in highly successful war movies. To me, at least, that seems relevant to our discussion parameters in this Forum. -- Phill Edited by: PhillColeman on Oct 6, 2010 7:31 PM
  21. The true story of Pat Tillman's friendly fire death (The Tillman Story) has been banned by the Department of Defense in military base theaters for the obvious reason that our military does not want future recruits to know that they may be killed by a trigger-happy comrade. Hollywood has made very few friendly fire movies... the last one in 1981 for TV called "Friendly Fire" (starring Carole Burnett) about an incident that occurred in Vietnam (1970). I know that incident well because my unit was the subject of that FF attack. But the larger story is what movies should be aired on military bases. Personally, I think it would be great if every military base was hooked up to a special TCM Military Movie link that played all of the older war movies of the 1950's through the 1980's. I think today's military kids who watch these timeless classics will be educated on the best and finest morals, principles and ethics taught by wonderful actors -- many of whom served in battle -- and viewing them would go a long way to reducing -- if not ending -- military suicides, war crimes, drug use and performance failures. Having served in war and raised on old war movies, that's my idea. -- Phill http://www.americanwarlibrary.com/a44/pcole.htm
  22. EXCERPT} Navy Compass -- LAS VEGAS -- Legendary leading man and former US Navy Sailor, Tony Curtis, aka Bernard Schwartz, was buried Oct. 4 in Las Vegas with full military honors... You can google Tony for a number of press reports on his passing. -- Phill http://www.americanwarlibrary.com/a44/pcole.htm
  23. Steve, you are quite correct. When doing a unit search the full unit should be included. For example... Company A, 3rd Battalion, 1st Regiment, 93rd Infantry Division Good job, Steve!
  24. How you can Help Other Vets with their missing records... As you know, millions of military record files were burned in the 1973 fire at the National Records Center (NRPC). The veteran's whose files were burned still continue to have many difficulties filing disability claims, verifying medals, proving duty assignments and stations, and establishing proof of their testing qualifications. You can help these veterans simply by searching through the military documents in your possession for copies of orders, transfers and citations that list the names of others in your unit. Any document that lists the names of other people will greatly help veterans who need a copy of that document that may not exist in their record file due to loss, error, misplacement or the fire. WHAT YOU CAN TO DO 1. Make a photocopy of every military document in your possession that lists the names of other soldiers, sailors, airmen or Marines. (These documents will also list military serial numbers. Military files at the NRPC are stored by serial number.) 2. Prepare a cover letter (or use the cover letter provided; see below) telling the NRPC that you would like a copy of your document(s) to be placed in the record files of each person listed on your document(s). (If you can afford to make photocopies for each name listed on a document, please do so that the NRPC does not have to re-copy your document(s) for each file.) 3. Mail your envelope to the NRPC. WHERE TO MAIL YOUR DOCUMENT COPIES NATIONAL PERSONNEL RECORDS CENTER MILITARY PERSONNEL RECORDS 9700 PAGE AVENUE ST. LOUIS MO 63132-5100 Do not send a document THAT DOES NOT list the names and serial numbers of other people unless you want that document placed into your own military file if you have pre-determined that it is missing from your file. Pre-written Cover Letter: http://www.americanwarlibrary.com/img/helpvet.pdf If you have questions please email The War Library or contact a Veteran Service Officer (VSO) at your local VA facility. This appeal can also be read online at: http://www.americanwarlibrary.com/personnel/helpvets.htm Special Thanks to Corporal Philip G. LeDonne for conceiving this appeal.
  25. SURVEY: Should the White House and Department of Defense plan homecoming parades for the units that served in Iraq? http://home.pacbell.net/veterans/s-080710.htm'>http://home.pacbell.net/veterans/s-080710.htm'>http://home.pacbell.net/veterans/s-080710.htm'>http://home.pacbell.net/veterans/s-080710.htm TOPIC: The most frequest complaint expressed by both Korea and Vietnam War veterans is that there were no parades or homecomings marking the end of hostilities in their wars. As of this time neither the White House nor DOD has scheduled any Homecoming or "Victory" celebrations to mark the end of combat operations in Iraq as the last combat units in Iraq are scheduled to return home at the end of August 2010... SURVEY LOCATION: http://home.pacbell.net/veterans/s-080710.htm Contact Person for this Survey: Roger Simpson, PIO Public Information Office: http://www.13105320634.com The American War Library: http://www.amervets.com/ 16907 Brighton Avenue Gardena CA 90247-5420 Phone / Fax: 1-310-532-0634
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