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  1. That's the feeling I got, but always stay with your wife...
  2. Yes! Sorry I didn't pick a more difficult one, I'm new at this!
  3. Oh! I didn't know I got to pick next, cool!! "You shocking degenerate. I've seen the worst - the dregs - but you.....you are the lowest." Jeannie
  4. Wow, thanks for the treasure trove of Mitchum pics, he's my all time favorite!!!! About 17 years ago he appeared on Larry King Live, I was 19 and dialed the number on the screen to ask him a question. They picked up and I choked, hung up the phone and spent the next hour trying to get through again with no luck! When I had a chance to speak with Gregory Peck at a theater fund raiser I didn't make the same mistake. It was during a question and answer period with the audience and I was the final person he called on. I remember what I said word for word, he had spoken earlier about growing up and
  5. I have all these too, great books! Also, MGM When the Lion Roared is a nice one and David O. Selznick's Hollywood are fun. I love the big, glossy books!
  6. Was it in color? Maybe Desk Set w/ Hepburn & Tracy? I seem to remember them going up to the roof to eat lunch....
  7. Hi Anne, I watched TCM all through these holidays and agree with you that newer films don't have the same draw as the older ones, I found myself with no reason to change the channel at any point! And as to pointing out your typo, what a stinkin' scrooge he/she must be!!! I knew what you meant, but cracked up at teats anyway...the r & the t are right next to each, bid geal...oops, typo...I meant big deal, ha, ha! Best, Jeannie
  8. I agree with this being a really beautiful piece....one of the reasons I watch the Oscars every year is for the memoriam section and I don't know how they could outdo TCM. I have not seen the ones from TCM in years past so I can't compare, but this is a lovely, poignant tribute.....
  9. Well I'm torn on this one. My selfish response would be Angel Face because I adore Robert Mitchum so much. Oh, and of course I'd save him from himself in the end....but in all honesty it would have to be Lost Horizon with Ronald Colman, who wouldn't want to live in Shangri La? One of my all time favorites, I find comfort in it when I'm down.
  10. I don't remember this particular dress, but as Dunn's character is the assistant in Paris dress shop, perhaps they were poking fun at the Parisian style??
  11. Audrey Hepburn is right I think, Buddy Ebsen was in Breakfast at Tiffany's and she & Perkins did Green Mansions!
  12. YES! They both attended Rollins College in FL! Right? Great work Sandy K.!
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