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  1. Wise words he spoke about not giving all of yourself to love. Too bad that's one advice I have never been able to take! SO true. I know what you mean. How could you not give all of yourself to love?
  2. He looks so sinisterly unamused...
  3. These pictures are huge, Angie and Senta! WOOHOO! I love seeing the detail in his face...and the look of pure, wretched jealousy on the faces of the women. They want him...they ALL totally want him. ...So does Burt Lancaster. It's written all over his face. His beauty is almost depressing...
  4. Theresa, we have one more sister and his name is Frankie **rolls eyes**
  5. Him and that pipe, boy; he's just so doggone handsome when he's holding it so calm and cool-like. Pfft, he knows he's beautiful. AND HE'S TORTURING WOMEN WITH HIS GOOD LOOKS!
  6. Those pictures make me melt, Angie...especially that Spoilers one. YOWZA!!!
  7. Now I'm a toaster? I'll burn your toast, Muffin. You do and I'll short-circuit your wires, Sugar britches.
  8. They must be kickin' your tail, Scott, because I've been receiving, like, a million emails from the "Frank Grime torture thread". Poor guy doesn't have the strength to endure all of this torture plus the violence I inflict on him. **Tsk, tsk** Such a brave little toaster...
  9. I think you're in the majority, Kimmy Kurtains. Now where did I put that squash. You big meany. I bet you're of the majority of those who like the film, right? Hand the squash over, bucko, and nobody gets hurt...**throws her hands over her head and drops into the fetal position** meaning me!
  10. I recommend it to any architects And that's the only people you can recommend this movie to. Well, I'm SORRY! I can't help it if I don't like the movie. Put those vegetables down...we're all friends here....right guys? ...Guys?
  11. Thanks Angie... I hope you feel better, sis. I know how those yucky summer colds can go. I gave up trying to look for that darn USB input so I'll restart on it soon. In the meantime I'll update the unfinished ones so you have something to do while you're laying in bed recovering. By the way, some guy just emailed me about an annual Silver Spurs Award Banquet; I've never heard of it so I thought I'd ask you if you've heard of it. It's somewhere in Austin... Here's what he said, I am Danny "Rmblin Jack" O'Connell and I am on The Reel Cowboys Board of Directors. I have found you
  12. Awwww, thanks April, I really appreciate it. You guys are so great, I don't know what I'd do without ya'll **sniff, sniff**
  13. We had to cancel DirecTV for a few months, so I'm going to miss all my favorite movies! :'( Let me know if there are any Gary documentaries, I'll have to put all my effort into trading from here on out.
  14. LOL, All the other images took a while to upload but that costume party was the first to appear. I thought I was in the wrong thread! That costume is so goofy, Ang! Good thing I wasn't in the library when I saw THAT
  15. Awww, that's all right, Angie! It's so neat that one of us at least got to see Maria; that in itself is amazing. Box is cleaned, Frank.
  16. Wow, that Legion of the Condemned image is amazing. I cannot get over how insanely handsome he is in a uniform.
  17. I grew up in the country around cows, but I ain't squeezing nobody's teet! I just guffawed in a public library. You are SO bad, Angie...
  18. A-mazing photos, Angie. I adore that first one. I love to see him on his ranch -- he's so natural! (Well, he's natural at darn near everything but he looks so happy when he's on his ranch.)
  19. There are so many levels of "wrong" in this thread... I can hardly take you seriously anymore, Frank, when you call us Gary fans "a bit strange." Even if you tone this thread down to "slightly bizarre," we'd beat you in the sanity category any day.
  20. I'm not sure what kind of setup you have to watch Gary but if it is a progressive HD set then you are in for a treat. I have a tiny little DVD player; hardly anything to get excited about. We did watch The Westerner on Angie's big screen; THAT was a real treat...
  21. Absolutely, that's why I don't watch anything modern... **ahem** unless it's a Mel Gibson movie; he's my only weakness She's beautiful, as well. She's my favorite female Barrymore
  22. Wow, that's fantastic, Dan! Thanks for posting those. I can't wait to get my copy of "The Westerner" over Amazon. I'll finally be able to witness fully the beauty of Gary in silk lighting
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