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  1. awww! loo at that cute little grin! heehee! and that bowtie! he's now my bowtie barrymore man! lol, "Bowtie Barrymore Man" That's a cute nickname, sis; we shall call him by such a name from now on... **Sigh** A man in uniform...
  2. I adore John Barrymore. My favorite film of his, so far, is Grand Hotel. I do love Lionel Barrymore, but I don't always care for his characters.
  3. Angie, you're cracking me up!! That picture fits too perfectly... But it is true...Grace Kelly is a tramp He loves you, Ang; Grace means nothing to him.
  4. I love the feathered look of that Melody Jones image, Angie! Gives it a faraway sense; as if it was captured right out of a dream....Theresa's dream I never get tired of seeing those hands. **Swoons** Such strength and gentleness...
  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GARY!! Whew, I made it. Ya' know, I was doubting if I'd get the chance to log in today and wish Gary a happy birthday. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Be careful now. Ugh, **Long, annoyed sigh with a sarcastic roll of the eyes** Why is *he* here? I thought he promised us lack of presence... I sense a crack on wordplay with that last one, Scott. Don't be unoriginal
  6. I'm going to avoid the board on May 7th. You won't see me anywhere near this place on that day. A traditional gentleman like myself shant dabble in such bad taste as that day shall bring on this board. I just cannot lower myself to partake in such revolting behavior. What a horrible day that is going to be. --- FrankGrimes And you say you don't know the deepest desires of what women want. Well, your lack of presence is, by far, one of the most thoughtful gifts you could possibly bestow upon us. Freedom from you is such a precious gift, you are far too kind. I'm so emotional right now, t
  7. That cowboy one is amazing; I've always loved him in that picture, but it always had that stupid watermark on it. Thanks for sharing, Angie!!
  8. You must be desperate if you are looking to go to the dance with me. Even though I know you will dump me for another guy at the dance, I'd love to be your little cuddlemuffin before you tear my heart out, Kimme Fatale. Then dance with me now and fill my heart with laughter. Throw your arms around me and never let go. I won't promise to love you, but I'll promise to try. I'll try just for you, if you dance with me now.
  9. Ohhhh, you just wanna go to the dance with me, admit it. Desperately, my little cuddlemuffin. Desperately...
  10. Does anyone have Barefoot in the Park? If so, please send me a messages; I'd be willing to do a trade in return. Thank you
  11. Woah! ...It's like someone read my mind. I have a feeling this is going to be my new favorite hang out
  12. Holy cowboy! That Only the Brave one is spicy hot, Angie! I love the Operator 13 one, too
  13. We're so thrilled to have you aboard, Jordan; I can't wait to hear your thoughts and opinions on the highly idolized Gary Cooper What's your favorite Coop film?
  14. Time to clean your inbox out, Scott; it's a bit dirty.
  15. Oops, my bad. Here's a dime. I know how much you like the 30s, so I thought I'd pay accordingly. You're a fantastic... reader. Thanks for the story. A dime seems appropriate; I like to charge accordingly, as well...
  16. Congratulations on 7,161 posts, everyone! I just noticed this on my way in... It goes so quickly!
  17. I find that rather ironic since Kim truly is a tramp. I still cannot believe she can get away with juggling two guys like she does. What a hussy! That reminds me, you still owe me for last night, Scott...
  18. I can't wait to tape Bluebeard's Eighth Wife! It's selling for $30 on Amazon (last time I checked), so it'll be great to finally be able to tape it and not worry about having to pay an arm and a leg to replace it if it ever gets scratched...
  19. It's time to do a little spring cleaning to your message box, sis
  20. I received my TCM "Now Playing Guide" the other day and couldn't believe they didn't mention Gary's birthday. They don't even acknowledge him in the magazine at all. Why, Robert Osbourne...Why?!
  21. Sure! I can do that for you; but you do know that "paint" is fantastic for capturing images? If you stick your DVD into your computer, press "print screen" and save it to "paint". Then crop it in photoshop. I'm sure everyone already knows about this, but for those who don't, it's a neat trick that helps immensely.
  22. All right, I'll mark these down on a list and give it to her when we're done deciding.
  23. Sure can; but do you want the photo or an animated GIF?
  24. Amazing photos, Angie!! I love the *Wolf Song* one and the **drools** Beau Sabreur one!!
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