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  1. i got a new one assigned but it was so unwieldy I wanted to change it. When I followed instructons to do so, the intended option never arose. So the instructions are bogus.
  2. I think part of the problem with Mexican movies as well as other countries films (Greece, Italy, Germany, etc.) is that many of them are not available with English subtitles. I have recently become of a fan of Jorge Negrete who made many films in the 40s and most of the films I've been able to get of his do not have subtitles. However, it would be a good start if just the few that are availbale with English subs could be shown. There are so many good foreign films that deserve attention. I'd certainly like to see more of them.
  3. "The Siege of Syracuse" with Rossano Brazzi and Tina Louise....I saw it on tv when I was a kid in an English dubbed print and it was really cool. "Land of Fury" , the U.S. release of the U.K. film "The Seekers", a great story of the early settlers clashing with the Maoris of New Zealand, with Jack Hawkins and Glynis Johns.
  4. In just a few minutes total screen time as Katherine of Aragon in "Anne of a Thousand Days", Irene Papas managed to capture the dignity, piety, moral certitude, the emotional anguish, and sheer courage and stubborness of the wronged queen. Papas is a consummate actress and damn near stole the film in this "bit" part. (More so than Judi Dench did in "Shakespeare in Love" and she got an Oscar for her bit. Also, Papas was essential as the unfortunate Greek widow in "Zorba the Greek"
  5. Tony Kendall as Joe Walker in the Komissar X films, Gerard Barray in "Baraka x-77" Ken Clark in "FX-18" Tom Adams in "Where Bullets Fly" Richard Johnson in "Some Girls Do" Ray Danton in "Jamaica Calling Mr. Ward" and "Rise and Fall of Legs Diamond" Hugh Beaumont as Mike Shayne in 5 films Zachary Scott in any noir film he was in.
  6. some of the worst ethnic casting in American films: Chuck Connors as Geronimo, Katharine Hepburn as a Chinese peasant, Jane Powell as a Pacific islander native woman. Arlene Dahl as a Hindu rani, Gary Cooper as an Italian (yup, Marco Polo),
  7. Judy Holliday, Rosalind Russell, Carol Channing (for their foghorn voices) all worse than Ethel Merman who could at least belt out a tune. Jerry Lewis with his perpetual grimacing....John Wayne who always played himself and was laughable the one time he didn't (as Genghis Khan) and the monsyllabic monotone of Gary Cooper. I try to avoid movies in which these are the main stars.
  8. There are two films in which the dashing Gerard Barray plays the buccaneer known as "Surcouf" I would have to rank them as pretty near or at the top of my favoirite seagoing swashbuckler list, although I have to admit I have never seen one of this type of film that I didn't like.
  9. Gianna Maria Canale and Chelo Alonso were both very prominent in Italian made action films of the 60-s. Both often played lead and title roles, such as "Queen of the Tartars" and "The Pirate's Captive" and "Avenger of the Seven Seas" Lisa Gastoni was also in many such as "The Adventures of Mary Read" in which she played a fetching pickpocket who graduated to high seas piracy. These three women were major stars in all the action films of the decade and were sometimes the heroine and sometimes the villainess but almoswt always had a large and prominent role in all their films. Alonso almo
  10. And don't forget, swashbuckler lovers, there were a lot of good European ones made, too, with the likes of Jean Marais, Jacques Sernas, Pierre Cressoy, Frank Latimore, Lex Barker, Georges Marchal, Gerard Barray and others. Ruy Blas Il Falco Rosso (The Red Falcon) The Devil's Cavaliers Son of the Red Corsair Tyrant of Castile Surcouf Chevalier de Pardailllon Adventures of Mary Read and many more
  11. The Black Swan The Golden Hawk Midshipman Easy Buccaneer's Girl Drake of England Raiders of the Seven Seas Captain Horatio Hornblower I, too, have always loved the movies with the old sailing ships and sea battles.
  12. Mr. Peabody andn the Mermaid One Touch of Venus Tootsie are among my favorites rom-coms. Many of those previously mentioned I would not consider comedies.
  13. "Giant from the Unknown" was always one of my favorite schlock horrors....
  14. Walter Matthau was in "Island of Love" with Tony Randall
  15. When I think of favorite music in relation to films, I think of film scores, back in the days when music was composed for the film purposefully, not just dubbed in from previous recordings that had nothing to do with the movie. Here's some of my favorites: El Cid (Rosza) The Egyptian (Newman & Herrman) Walk on the Wild Side (Bernstein) The Blue Lagoon (Poledouris) Lawrence of Arabia These film scores are every bit as satisfying as listening to a symphony...they stand on their own as great music, regardless of the films for which they were written.
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