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  1. The Black Swan The Golden Hawk Midshipman Easy Buccaneer's Girl Drake of England Raiders of the Seven Seas Captain Horatio Hornblower I, too, have always loved the movies with the old sailing ships and sea battles.
  2. Mr. Peabody andn the Mermaid One Touch of Venus Tootsie are among my favorites rom-coms. Many of those previously mentioned I would not consider comedies.
  3. "Giant from the Unknown" was always one of my favorite schlock horrors....
  4. Walter Matthau was in "Island of Love" with Tony Randall
  5. When I think of favorite music in relation to films, I think of film scores, back in the days when music was composed for the film purposefully, not just dubbed in from previous recordings that had nothing to do with the movie. Here's some of my favorites: El Cid (Rosza) The Egyptian (Newman & Herrman) Walk on the Wild Side (Bernstein) The Blue Lagoon (Poledouris) Lawrence of Arabia These film scores are every bit as satisfying as listening to a symphony...they stand on their own as great music, regardless of the films for which they were written.
  6. My faves: Flash Gordon Brave Eagle Tales of the Vikings 77 Sunset Strip Adventures in Paradise The Young Americans Combat! FBI
  7. It would be impossible for me to pick just one, so here are my favorites: EL LAZARILLO DE TORMES (1960) FABIOLA (1949) Le Diable au Corps (1946) SENSO (1954) Il Gattopardo (1963) to name just a few
  8. I'd have to say Tyrone Power's "Prince of Foxes", followed by "Captain from Castile" and then "Mark of Zorro" and "Son of Fury"...all Ty Power. I liked his style better than Flynn's or Granger's, although they made good ones, too.
  9. I love this film...Ryan was a very underrated actor and was very good in everything I've seen him in, but this is one of my favoirtes. I was also quite intrigued and charmed by seeing William Lundigan doing one of the few roles where he wasn't a good guy, but a sleezy slimeball. Loved it!
  10. You might be recalling "High Jump" a 1959 British caper film starring Richard (Stapley) Wyler. He plays an out of work trapeze artist who gets involved in a jewel robbery usiing a high wire. Ist that it?
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