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  1. I am new to this forum but I had to put in my opinion on Fred. Astaire and Gene. Kelly. I am no fan of either. Kelly, because I don't feel he has any real talent and for some reason his voice grates my nerves and. Astaire because I have always felt he stole his dancing form from Mr. Bojangles. The only credit I ever saw him give Bojangles was that "tribute" he did in blackface! An insult within a compliment. To those that may not know this, Bill "Bojangles" Robinson invented the Stair Dance in the 1920s. .In fact there were many talented black-tap dancers who, dressed as redcaps, had
  2. Does anyone happen to know the title of the song in the middle of the movie 'The Naked Kiss'? The song is sung by a child asking his mother questions that , in turn, the mother answers. The song has a hauntingly beautiful melody and I would love to find the lyrics to it but I don't know the title. Can anyone help?
  3. First time I had even heard of The Mortal Storm was also the first time I had ever seen it. Both happened when TCM showed it this week. However, The Mortal Storm and The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse seem like the same movie. Mortal Storm is a 1941 release (I believe) and the Four Hourseman first appeared in 1921 with another remake in 1961/62. So is The Mortal Storm a remake of The Four Horsemen? Message was edited by: Watchesmovies
  4. Thank you for the Welcome and the answer.
  5. Has to be "Red Headed Woman". This one is indeed a classic. This woman really works what she has! I love the power women had before the code. I would have love to see the movies Bettie Davis or Joan Crawford could have done if the code never happened. Anyways, "Red Headed Woman" is so entertaining. It makes me laugh at the gall of Jean Harlow's character."... With marital infidelity; lots of implicit sex, violence, sadism (when Bill finally slaps Lil out of frustration, she says "Hit me again! I like it!"); and plenty of bare female flesh, this is thoroughly adult fare..." Oh and brw,
  6. Unless I overlooked it, TCM is not showing It's a Wonderful Life. But I do see it coming on NBC. Anyone know why TCM isn't or can't show this Christmas classic?
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