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  1. to brad the texas ranger keeping us all safe (or maybe it is wishful thinking) you should be the one in grade school learning how to spell again
  2. and ya'al and your friend george w should think about free speech
  3. hey big brad the texas ranger............enjoying the holiday with good ole george w?
  4. Here we go again, Robert Osborne has been hittin the cider! A little fleet of foot and slurring his words........maybe he thinks it is New Years Eve. The Handsome stud in the basement Message was edited by: davidff
  5. I agree completely with you, Flatpoint.
  6. this thing "showed up on here" while I watched Osborne introduce "Murder on the Orient Express" in his suave, debonaire style with just a little hint of gin. Cheers Bob. Curse me all ya want "Sticks y'all" I know a lush when I smell it. Besides, my boyfriend thinks he's cute. Message was edited by: davidff
  7. My God you guys are so serious! Let the man have a nip or a champagne **** (or two) between takes.....I love him too. Message was edited by: davidff Message was edited by: davidff
  8. oh Jon don't be a wuss...........rent in an upscale gay area with plenty of bars. Great re-sale. Message was edited by: davidff
  9. If a television star slurs his/her lines on air and I happen to catch it and go to TCM and see what others think that certainly seems to be a legit post. Stars have to be careful when they are working just like you and I (slur your words in front of YOUR boss you old prune). Just ask Judy Garland. Message was edited by: davidff
  10. I'm 60 and gay and you guys are right........it does not matter a bit. I happen to like RO and would LOVE to have a drinky with him before the show.
  11. the fact that I may (or may not) be a troll doesn't matter here: the fact is in my opinion, first time post or zillionth, Mr Osborne has had one cocktail too many before going on camera. I dont think he is drunk, just a little loose. Listen to him slur his words (just a little bit) and see what you think. Oh by the way, I think he's real gay too.
  12. Anyone noticing that Robert osborne appears to be a little looped lately while introducing movies?
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