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  1. {font:Calibri}1.{font}{font:Calibri}Alice in Wonderland (1951){font} {font:Calibri}2.{font}{font:Calibri}Robin Hood{font} {font:Calibri}3.{font}{font:Calibri}Mary Poppins {font}{font:Calibri}4.{font}{font:Calibri}Cinderella{font} {font:Calibri}5.{font}{font:Calibri}Sleeping Beauty {font}6.Escape to Witch Mountain {font:Calibri}7.The Rescuers{font} {font:Calibri}8.Aladdin {font}{font:Calibri}9. {font}{font:Calibri}The Great Mouse Detective{font} {font:Calibri}10. {font}{font:Calibri}The Aristocats{font}<< Edited by: cswalters on Jun 7, 2012 12:06 PM
  2. {font:Calibri}Hmm I read the article that one of the other members posted, and if you have free time today, I would recommend reading it. But anywho back to digital vs. film, honestly there are good reason why films should stay around, but the price for the production companies and how (I am assuming, remind you) that majority of the public doesn’t either really care, or they actually prefer digital. Also comparing the cost of film ($1,500 to produce) to digital ($150 to produce), but the machine to play digital movies cost more to install and replace parts, but overall I see theaters and pro
  3. {font:}I never had a problem with TCM Underground. I too like the Classic Horror movies, as well as the 'campy' horror movies of the 70's and 80's. I think its fine just the way it is. I can't wait for October!{font}
  4. I seen this movie at theaters. It's ok, such as with the acting and somewhat of the storyline, but it's nothing really special. It kind of reminds me of the Blair Witch Project, not how the movie was shot (P.O.V.) but just as the storyline except with 'mutants'?
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