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  1. kirinjensen, I'm not familiar with Punishment Park. Could you share with us some details and why you like it so much? Thanks
  2. Well, I enjoyed the Andromeda Strain from 1973. Some other interesting "concept" movies from the decade would include Zardoz 1973 (an interesting failure), Rollerball 1975 (nice idea of sports teams playing for corporate power/prestige) and Logan's Run 1976 (interesting idea about population control, though pretty juvenile, Soylent Green would fall in this same category). I would view the original Superman movie as sci-fi, and it was fairly good ("you will believe a man can fly!"). But the most notable movie of the 70's with some sci-fi elements might be Moonraker, absolutely the worst Bond
  3. A movie I sort of saw some of at a drive-in in 1974, Flesh Gordon! Beware Emporer Wang. It was slapped with a "X" when first released, but later changed to an "R" rating. It's a goofy farce with some terribly funny stop-motion animation.
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