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  1. Nice job by all (and way better than I could do myself!) but I'll have to cast my vote for Kyle.
  2. Some more of my rambling thoughts on these fun series from my confessions of a video-junkie thread: Date watched: 3/21/2007 Title: Bat Masterson TV Show Made: 1958-62 Genre: Western Studio: Ziv Format: DVD-R Source: Western Channel # of times viewed: This is the first time I've seen these Stars: Gene Barry and lots of familiar faces This time out I watched these episodes: #77 Bat Trap #78 Rage of Princess Anne #79 The Hunter #80 Murder Can Be Dangerous #81 High Card Loses #82 Last of the Night Raiders The highlight of this group was Bat Trap. It features Lon Chaney Jr. in a shooting contest that may not be on the level. Lon is a hoot and really seems to be enjoying himself as a bigger-than-life character who's life revolves around his shooting prowess. Last of the Night Raiders featured James Best as Danny Dakota, one of the gunmen that has the small town of Buckhorn terrified. Summing up the chances of the town standing up to these trouble-makers a resident notes, "There seems to be a lack of backbone in Buckhorn." The episodes of Bat are light and heavy on entertainment. No social messages like the Rifleman, just fun. They just broadcast the last episode (#108) in the series on the Western Channel yesterday and I look forward to watching them all. 7* (out of 10) For the overall series. 8* (out of 10) For the Bat Trap episode.
  3. Thoughout the 1960's James Garner was one of my favorite actors to watch, regardless of what he was in. This and the campanion movie Support Your Local Gunfighter! are hilarious. Elam as the dim-witted side-kick is perfect. I like to pull this one out and watch it at least every other year. This is the type of movie Disney should have been making in the 60's, with a little kick to the comedy.
  4. This is a copy of the review I wrote of 6 Rifleman episodes in my Confessions of a Video-Junkie thread. It seemed to make sense to attach it to this thread and remind people how g0od this series is while it is currently playing. -cinemalover Date watched: 3/16/2007 Title: The Rifleman TV Show Made: 1958-1963 Genre: Western Format: DVD_R Source: Western Channel # of times viewed: This is the first time since childhood I watched episodes #73-78 (I record them 6 to a disc, so I generally watch the whole disc once I start) Stars: Chuck Connors (Lucas McCain), Johnny Crawford (Mark), Paul Fix (the Marshall) and a ton of familiar guest stars The Western Cahannel started showing these the same time as they started the Bat Masterson series. Bat tends to be lighter fare, more fun for all ages. The Rifleman deals with very serious subjects on a regular basis. Racism, prejudgement, rumor-monging, lying, remarriage, the justice system, the importance of school learning, giving criminals a second chance are just a few topics that are frequently featured. When I watched this as a child I watched it for the gunfight that was sure to come every episode, re-visiting the series as an adult I see layers of it that never registered in my young brain. There are morale lessons in almost every show, not necessarily heavy-handed ones, but ones that fit the structure of the story. The quality of this show is consistently high, and the relationship between father and son is always emphasized. The titles of these six episodes were: #73 Jailbird #74 Meeting at Midnight #75 Nora #76 The Hangman #77 Trail of Hate #78 Woman From Hog Ridge (great title!) In Meeting at Midnight Claude Akins stars as an undercover treasury agent who breaks a prisoner out so that he can follow him to the loot he buried. Good action and a story that puts Lucas in a position of having to lie since he knows Akins' character. In The Hangman, Whit Bissell, Denver Pyle and Richard Deacon guest-star in a tale concerning the effect on a person of being professional hangman. Overall series: 8* (out of 10) These are beautiful uncut prints. The Rifleman was one of the best dramas of its day, regardless of genre. If you get the Western Channel give it a try. They broadcast 2 episodes a day, Monday through Friday. Message was edited by: cinemalover
  5. Having already confessed my DVD addiction I should probably add that other than the news and sporting events I don't watch ANYTHING as it is being broadcast. I enjoy having so many choices sitting there to choose from. No matter what my mood (or my kids') there is always a good choice to be had. The 31 days of Oscar helps me get caught up a little because there is very little I record then. But now that we're back to normal, wonderful, TCM programming the DVD recorder will be hard at work! PS they're not called BOOKshelves anymore, they are DVD storage units.
  6. Another comic character that was turned into a rousing serial was Spy Smasher. He was a character with the same comic company that published Captain Marvel. The serial was produced by Republic, which made consistently entertaining cliff-hangers. They made the best minatures in the business. Message was edited by: dum dum cinemalover
  7. Okay, pet peeve number one when it comes to broadcast movies: the movie starts out in a beautiful LB format to get all the credits in, and as soon as you get your hopes up, they are smashed mercilessly against the wall of programming ignorance. The credits are over and the screen goes full. The channel gets changed. The movie doesn't get watched. End of story. Movie channels please stop living in the stone-age and broadcast the movies as they were intended. Grrrrrr!
  8. I am quite embarrased to answer this, but it's cheaper than therapy. I have approximately 1200 DVDs, around 300 of those I have not seen yet. I have at least 1000 DVD-Rs half of which I haven't watched (though many are recordings off of TCM that are movies I have seen in the past). I need a good 12 step program. There just aren't enough hours to ever catch up. Most of the DVDs I buy are bought used, so I get most of them for around $4. So it's hard to say no when I see something I want to watch at a good price even though it may be awhile before I watch it. Thank goodness I don't drink or smoke, but I am a DVD addict. I don't know which one has gathered the most dust since I purchased it. But just as soon as they invent that 48 hour day I'm going to start catching up.
  9. siodmak, You're right, that's a very entertaining picture. Barbara Stanwyck is great to watch in just about anything. I grew up watching her in the Big Valley, not really knowing all the great films she had in her filmography. What a wonderful revelation as an adult to discover all her old films.
  10. I just want to say thanks to this thread I remembered to record Rain last night. Now if I can just squeeze in time to watch it!
  11. Darkman was great fun. It was also directed by Sam Raimi, which proved to be good practice in the genre so that he could do an even better job on the two Spiderman movies (with a third in the wings).
  12. "Becoming Bond" documentary; "James Bond: For Real" Documentary; Chris Cornell Music Video; "Bond Girls Are Forever" (2006), Featurette, Music Videos. These are the extras listed on web-sites right now. Kind of sparse for a Bond film. They must be holding back for a Deluxe edition in the near future.
  13. Cinemascope, IMDb lists Wonder Woman as "in production" for 2009. Joss Whedon had been attached to the film, but has apparently left the project.
  14. And to appreciate some of the "culture" of the time it would also help to read some of the "pulp" magazines that were incredibly popular. Those were the origins of characters like the Shadow and Doc Savage. A lot of sci-fi writers also got their work published in these dime novels.
  15. Captain Marvel is an excellent serial. For me it probably ranks right behind the immortal Flash Gordon with the under-appreciated Buster Crabbe. In 1941 when Captain Marvel was made he was giving Superman a real run for the most popular flying superhero of the time.
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