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  1. I'm sorry, it's "Maltese Falcon" i was referring to, the scene where Mary Astor comes into his office (the first scene with her). The lighter is on his desk and he pushed the stick into something to strike it, i quit smoking two years ago but i would start up again if i had one of those......kidding.....kinda =) Nobody looks as cool as Bogey when he lights a smoke!!
  2. Ever since the first time i saw this movie i've wanted that lighter he has on his desk, i've seen several similar lighters in other classic movies, does anyone on the boards know what kind it is and if i can get one on ebay or anywhere else? Thanks in advance........ Oh yeah, i need to to change my username, i wont take the time to explain, but its not what you might think =-) Anthony
  3. Nightwalker, i'm so slow i just saw your reply. I'm writing from another computer but wanted to get more info.That would be so cool to see this film again, my dad would really be happy. My email is anthem1@socal.rr.com please feel free to contact me as its convinient Thanks so much Anthony
  4. My question is.....are we stuck with Miss Fisher for the essentials???? I think they could do much better. I didnt care for Molley Haskel at first, but she grew on me after a couple episodes. Sidney Pollack was a great host, as was Bogdonovich. Cant really put my finger on it but my wife and i cant stand Carrie, a total miss-match in my opinion!!! Anthony
  5. Beautiful work to all who are involved! Anthony
  6. I'm always amazed at some of the short subject's on TCM. They really have a way of putting just the right combination of clips and music together, making them an enjoyable part of TCM's format. I just caught the latest "TCM Remembers" short and (as it happens every year) am overwhelmed at how many great ones we have lost in the last year. Is there a place on this site to view this short? Thanks in advance, Anthony
  7. I'm looking for a TV movie that involved a german tank commander (Bridges) who shoots down a P-40 Warhawk in the desert. The airplane is forced down and the rest of the film evolves around and ground chase. I saw this film in the 70's on ABC late night. Anthony
  8. > Per the synopsis, likely to be this 1967 > made-for-tv: > > http://imdb.com/title/tt0062497/ Thank you 101! Thats the one. I dont suppose this can be found on VHS or DVD anywhere besides amazon?
  9. > So what do you think of Rob Zombie stopping in to > host Ed Wood and Russ Meyer flicks??? > > Talk about "the end is nigh".... LOL I think they brought in the Zombie because his films are inspired by Russ Meyer, especially "Pusscat". Rob's reading of the cards for the camera is certainly far from convincing compared to Mr."O" or even Ben M. I also think he does better on stage with all the scarey make up to hide behind. Maybe the obvious would be his stage name.
  10. Hello TCM'ers This is my first post on this board and i'm searching for a movie title from a film in the late 60's or early 70's starring (?) Suzanne Pleshette. She is a pilot that wishes to race a P-51 Mustang in the Reno Air Races. I'm hoping some of you classic film geeks might know of such a film. The only other info i have on this is that it was probably a "dud" in the movie industry as most of this type are. Any help would surely be appreciated Thanks in advance Anthony
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