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  1. I usually have very good luck buying used copies from Amazon. But, bad luck with Sin in Soft Focus since it was missing a few photo pages. I decided not to make an issue of it since no text pages seem to be missing.
  2. musicalnovelty: I second that motion. Now if TCM would only twist a few arms at UCLA a air the 1 remaining Harlow title that hasn't been shown yet. It's the FOX film, "Goldie".
  3. I can save a wav file but no mechanism for transferring to this message board.
  4. Three frame caps from Captain Thunder. Fay and Varconi(?)
  5. Not sure I can accomplish that. maybe someone who has greater computer experience knows how to post a sound file. Really, I dont recall seeing any such posts in this forum. It's safe to say that Varconi, with whom I am not familiar, doesn't speak in this film with a noticable Hungarian accent. I recorded excerpts that feature Wray, adding up to approx 20min. The entire film is too amatuerish to watch. I'll re-examine the 20minutes worth to see how V Varconi's performance stacks up.
  6. I think the film was part of their limited series on how Latinos are portrayed in film. I realize it was 1930, and sound films were in their infancy. But, that film is an outstanding example of how NOT to present Spanish, Latino, Mexican, whathaveyou. Fay's accent was a distraction, but no worse than the rest of the casts'.
  7. Thanks to TCM for broadcasting Captain Thunder. Fay Wray looked very beautiful in this film. Too bad the film is worse than terrible, in the acting and directing departments. The gyrations, eye-rolling, and mugging, on the part of the mostly Latin cast was embarrasing to behold. It resembled the worst programming on Galavision, where undisciplined Latin gameshow personalities behave like fools. However, it was a treat to see Fay Wray in a never-before- broadcast film. I hope TCM can find other rarities of Wray's work for Columbia and Universal to broadcast in the near future.
  8. One pre-code of significance to me is "THREE WISE GIRLS" 1931 Columbia film starring Jean Harlow. Looks like the majority of films in July will be from 1939. Not pre-code, but a very good year for films. At end of month it'll be fun to see the JOE E BROWN marathon!
  9. I just viewed the Marion Davies TCM Special today. I missed it when it first aired, so picked up DVD in trade. Have a much greater appreciation of her as a person, as well as her talent. I only have Patsy, Red Mill, Show People and Blondie of the Follies. Will make a point of viewing all again, plus see if I can trade for more of her titles. She was a very remarkable and misunderstood person , primarily because of a fictional character in Citizen Kane.
  10. Appreciate the compliments. Thank you all. I, and others are posting more pics and large variety at link. Easier to post by skipping Photobucket step. http://goldenageofhollywood.ning.com/
  11. And all this time I thought the guy was Paul Lucas.
  12. Maureen O'Sullivan 1933, Stage Mother Maureen O'Sullivan 1933, Stage Mother Blondell and Tashman 1931, Millie Fay Wray 1933 Doris Kenyon, Road to Singapore, 1931 Ten Cents a Dance, B Stanwyck Lilyan Tashman Grace Bradley, 1935 , Gilded Lily Aline MacMahon This is probably my last pic post. Interest in adding pics has apparently fallen off here.
  13. Ironically, Call Her Savage is one of the VERY FEW pre-codes that the Fox Movie Channel ever runs! It probably averages at least once a month. Meanwhile other great Fox films made prior to 1950 can only be viewed at special theater events in the major cities. I don't understand their broadcasting policy. I'd bet their audience would grow if only more older films such as this were aired on a regular basis. The only other older films they ever broadcast are: Blood Money, Zoo in Budapest, Chandu the Magician. On rare occasions they run Affairs of Cellini. Man's Castle is a Fox film and TC
  14. Jeffrey: That Bessie Love colorize photo is outstanding.
  15. Yep, he was a whiner in that one, as usual.
  16. Novelty: Excuse me for saying so, BUT I'd like to have seen the scene as originally shot.
  17. I agree with the previous postings. I have most of the pre-codes that make up the current box sets. How about some obscurities and rareties? I'm sure there's a ton of stuff in the Universal, RKO, and Warners' vaults that need to see the light of day. My suspicion is that some of the folks in charge aren't true buffs. Maybe it would help to involve Osborne and Maltin to pick the titles. These guys have vast knowledge regarding old films, and I'm sure their picks would make great, marketable box sets.
  18. Rookie soldiers probably did this on occasion without realizing that at night the light of a flame can be seen by the enemy if they are near. Today it is a superstition, then it might have been a lesson in battle.
  19. Thanks for the nice comments. A Google search of 3 on a match, offers a couple of explanations. The most popular one comes from WWI, when it was said that if foxholed soldiers passed a match to a third person, the enemy would have been given a clue as to where to aim his shot. That would mean bad luck for the third person, as he would be the one to get hit. The phrase, over time, has come to mean that the third person on a match would have severely bad luck.
  20. Maureen O'Sullivan, Stage Mother, 1933 Fay Wray Lowe, Nissan, McLagan 1931 Lucky Devils, 1933, Wm Cargan & Dorothy Wilson Upperworld, 1934, Warren William and Ginger Rogers Once A Lady 1931, Ruth Chatterton and Paul Lucas Claudette Colbert 1932 Ann Sothern & Edmund Lowe 1934 Three Wise Girls, Columbia 1931
  21. Thanks for the correction re: Eddie Q, rather than Eddie G.
  22. Gloria Stuart Claudette Colbert in Manslaughter, 1930 Dorothy Mackaill The Tip Off 1931 Robt Armstrong, Eddie Gribbon, Ginger Rogers 1932 Claire Trevor Chevalier, Ruggels, Colbert 1931 Ida Lupino at Columbia Robt. Armstrong and Lina Basquette.
  23. Jackie Cooper was probably a likeable kid in real life, but he played those whiney, sniveling parts that really irritate. Fay and G Raft were excellent in the Bowery but I couldn't enjoy Cooper's and Beery's scenes. And that's my unprofessional opinion!
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