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  1. For all of you in NYC, check out the Film Forum's schedule for July. http://www.filmforum.com/films/freed.html
  2. Brando needn't blame Sinatra for his not becoming a musical "star". Brando accomplished that nicely all on his own. He didn't need anyone's help.
  3. If there is one thing that really annoys me about TCM (and I don't want to bite the hand that feeds me, so to speak) it is that the shorts are not listed. Maddening!
  4. Well..yes..of course I got it! I just didn't agree with it. Merely because two "big" stars are in a movie together doesn't make it either a good one or an "Essential". I'm sure there are any number of movies which meet your criteria and still aren't a must-see. I was merely trying to make a point in a more humorous way rather than a more snarky way. Get it?
  5. Does that mean A Date With Judy should be an essential because it pairs Wallace Beery dancing with Carmen Miranda? We need to revise that Essential list!
  6. Am I the only one that thinks this is a bit odd? Guys and Dolls? An "essential"? This one would be on the bottom of a must-see list I would create.
  7. The Fountainhead (1949) with Gary Cooper and Patricia Neal.
  8. You might want to check out the www.rhino.com They have some interesting things on their soundtracks. Including rehearsal tracks and several takes of a song or dance number. Some of the unused recordings are also added to the DVDs. If the recent releases of the Cole Porter musicals are any indication, shorts are being added as part of the bonus material. The Silk Stockings DVD includes Poet and Peasant. Personally, I think adding shorts to the classic movies as bonus material is a great way to see things we might not normally get a chance to see. A cheap way to get on the "value added" bandwagon.
  9. Two things pop into my head right away. The first is Harry James in Two Girls and a Sailor. When Harry hits one of his trademark crisp, clean high notes (in quite the showy fashion), Jimmy Durante looks a bit exasparated and says to James, "Was that AB-SOL-UT-ELY necessary?" Breaks me up every time. I always forget how good James was until I see one of his movie appearances. The other performance which immediately comes to mind is Gene Kruppa in Ball of Fire. Drum Boogie with Barbara Stanwyck and Krupa using match sticks is just great. One of the things that will drive me NUTS if I'm in the wrong mood is the way so many of musician / band segments in movies just don't match. What we see them playing and what we hear on the soundtrack just don't match! If I'm in the "right" mood, I'm just annoyed rather than driven to distraction.
  10. I do not use AOL or CompuServe for internet service provider (is CompuServe still around?!?) and I use MS Internet Explorer and not Netscape for my browser. I have not had any problems logging in. The only thing related to AOL and any of their services that I have (and that TCM says you need) is a free AOL Instant Message (AIM) profile/account. TCM's statement on the login page is: "To post messages, you'll need to have a screen name and password. If you already have a screen name and password with either AOL, AOL Instant Messenger, or Netscape - simply type-in your screen name and password below and click "sign-in." If not, you'll need to acquire a screen name and password by clicking on any of the links below. Once you have your screen name and password, come back to our message boards, log-in, and you're ready to begin posting messages." Maybe that's what you meant -- just need an AIM profile -- and not that one must use AOL or Compuserve (owned by AOL) as an ISP to have a valid login. Netscape, also being owned by AOL, automatically "signs" you up with an AIM account. But getting an AIM login is free and takes about a minute. Even though TCM is also owned by AOL-TimeWarner, they'd be nuts to require AOL as an internet provider to use their site and services. As popular as AOL may be, as of about a year ago under 15% of the users get to the internet via AOL.
  11. Could it be that you don't have Flash installed? This forum looks very Java to me, but I know the rest of the TCM site is very Flash heavy -- which has lots of bells and whistles and has the ever-important "cool" factor so many web designers look for. But if you don't have highspeed internet connection it can be incredibly painful. It could be that part of this forum relies on Flash. There is a link at the bottom of the page so you can download it if you haven't already. There are lots of things I don't like about the way this forum software works -- like you have to go the bottom and read up to see things in order, like you can't edit your own post after you hit Post Message (to clean up those pesky typo's you don't notice right away). But the community seems really nice so you live it. :-) In the meantime, maybe you could try writing your posts in Notepad then copy / paste them into the reply box so you don't lose your text if you get booted out. An extra step and a bit of a pain, but at least you wouldn't lose everything!
  12. I think Without Love is one of those Tracy-Hepburn movies often overlooked -- and often unseen. I agree, MJ, I think their chemistry is very good in Without Love. It's one of my favorites. I also enjoy the "team" in Desk Set.
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