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  1. Mia Farrow bores me to tears so i'm not watching tonight but to say that TCM doesn't show classic era stuff anymore as the main focal point isn't quite true IMO. I enjoyed the Phil Karlson night tremendously and i'm looking forward to (most) of the Depression Era movie theme next month as well as the Thrillers.
  2. Bogart in _*Casablanca*_ I know it's considered one of the greatest movies of all time but I just can't get into it. It's the one Bogart film that I can't find any redeeming quality for. James Stewart in _*Harvey*_ I just couldn't get into the movie for some reason. Let me also add most of his "family" type films late in his acting career. Anthony Quinn in _*Zorba the Greek*_ I've tried sitting through this movie a few times but it just bores me to tears. At least Quinn wrings out a couple "left elbow" scenes. (meaning very entertaining and good scenes in an obviously bad movie)
  3. If Anne Baxter hadn't played politics and forced 20th Century Fox to get her into the Best Actress category the award would've gone to Swanson or Davis. I know Davis was friends with Baxter but I wonder if that politicking ruined their friendship a bit because it was truly a matchup between her and Swanson but with Baxter on the ballot it split the votes and put in the fluke that was Judy Holliday. I'm not saying she didn't deserve the award because in any other year i'd give it to her but her winning it in '51 was criminal IMO.
  4. Metropolisforever said: Actually, The Day the Clown Cried DOES survive. Lewis reportedly has the only known videocassette copy of the film, which he keeps in his office. The location of the film negative is unknown. He refuses to discuss the film. Occasionally, the film is shown at exclusive screenings organized by longtime Hollywood insiders. Their source for the film is unknown. Several years ago, a man mentioned the film to Lewis during one of Lewis' motivational speeches, indicating that the man had heard the film might be released. Lewis replied "None of your **** business!" I di
  5. I'd be interested to know what the criteria are for determining what qualifies a movie to be considered a "classic" on TCM. I believe it's because TCM recently acquired the rights to older live action Disney movies.(in regards to THE BLACK HOLE)
  6. I love the wit of the first post Bravo!
  7. Hamradio, no love for THE PUBLIC ENEMY? I know it was really early in talkie history and it's not the most exciting gangster movie but I thought Cagney did a great job in it and it laid the foundation for future gangster films. My #1 Gangster movie of all time is the original SCARFACE.
  8. I love this movie! Sadly I missed it this time around The best parts IMO were the beginning scenes with this hobo guy who seems to be the voice and concious of NYC. That was a very neat touch and I have to wonder if the people that made the RUDOLPH THE RED NOSED REINDEER TV special all those years later had that in mind when they cast Burl Ives. The other great part was the ending scenes. Man I nearly cried like a baby at the end of the movie and most movies don't do that to me. (with the lone exception being SHANE)
  9. Chico is right Film Noir isn't really a genre but I will answer your question by saying that I really enjoy gangster movies a lot. Especially the early ones.
  10. I'm also quite happy that Cagney is getting the SOTM treatment. There's a lot of his films that I haven't seen but really want to. There are also a handful of films that I have seen that I'm looking forward to seeing again. The guy was a very versatile actor and was truly iconic. It's a shame that RAGTIME isn't being shown though.
  11. thistledown said TCM should not show anything after 1970--Pre 1970 is the classic era- AGREED? I agree on principle but it's not a hard and fast rule IMO. There's tons of great movies post 1970. Are you going to tell me that a movie like NETWORK or JAWS is not a classic? Also i'm glad to see ATLANTIC CITY is on the 31 days of Oscar schedule. It's a fantastic movie and one that i'd like to see again.
  12. Lemme tell ya, a movie with Bogie and Mitchum would've been the best thing since slice bread. I love watching them. I don't know how it would work out tho as they took pretty similar type roles and had a similar acting style. A good movie would probably have them as gangsters fighting for leadership in the gang or something. That would be a pretty neat set up for those two. Oh well.....
  13. I have to take issue with the original poster saying that anything Sinatra has done on screen is terrible. He did a great job in the original MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE and was fantastic in THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN ARM. Anyways Charlton Heston was good for a few laughs from the mid '70s onward. I especially liked his teaming up with George Kennedy in AIRPORT '75 LOL
  14. I don't like silents all that much but I understand why they show them. I'm sure there's tons of people who watch TCM that enjoys the stuff. It just doesn't appeal to me. At least TCM unlike other networks really do try to appeal to as large an audience as they can. I'm really looking forward to tomorrow's schedule but i'm sure some people won't like the movies and that's ok because i'm sure they'll find a movie or two that DOES appeal to them sometime later this week or in the month. That's the beauty of this network. I can't wait til TCM has even more access what with the Paramount
  15. OVERRATED: Casablanca I know I know, it's supposedly one of the greatest movies ever made but it's by far my least favourite Bogie movie and everytime I try watching it I end up getting bored a half hour into it. UNDERRATED: Days of Wine and Roses I know some might view it as a more romanticized look at alcoholism compared to The Lost Weekend. but I think this movie has more emotional punch and it's probably one of the best movies Jack Lemon ever did. The descent that he and Lee Remmick go through is probably one of the most heartbreaking in movie history.
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