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  1. I'm pretty sure that the one with Linda Blair was a TV movie called Stranger In Our House.
  2. Switchblade Sisters would be so cool to see on TCM!! actually, i would love to see some 70s New World stuff, like Death Race 2000, The Great Texas Dynamite Chase, etc. They had great spirit and some great directors' early efforts.
  3. Mike you beat my reply by seconds!! Yes, that was the Intruder - Roger Corman did that one. It was pretty bold for it's time.
  4. so glad to help! I saw the movie soo long ago but I can still vividly remember the movie to this day and it still freaks me out - really creepy!
  5. that was a TV movie from 1973 called Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, with Kim Darby. I saw that when I was young and those little guys scared the heck outta me! E-bay sometimes has someone selling it on DVD.
  6. There's a little gem from the 70's called Let's Scare Jessica To Death that, despite the lurid title, develops an unsettling atmosphere and contains some really creepy images that have stuck with me.
  7. Eraserhead is "pure concentrate" Lynch - it's the source of every movie he followed with and you either love it or hate it (or just left confused!) It would be great to see it on TV but it might be too obscure for TCM. Another I'd like to see is El Topo.
  8. Funny Farm. Even though not technically Christmas movie until the end, it's just so funny! Oh, and It's A Wonderful Life about a dozen times.
  9. in the spirit of the season (and one of my favorites) I vote for Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed in It's A Wonderful Life. It's so emotional how they just can't betray their feelings for another second.
  10. I'm so confused! ;-) Walter Matthau?
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