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  1. Can anyone tell me who it was that sang "Goin' Home" in the 1948 movie The Snake Pit starring Olivia De Havilland? I have looked everywhere and no success! Thanks so much! Barb
  2. Hmmm, don't know how to get a screen capture. I watched it on TV, not a computer. When it reruns I'll sure get it, if you tell me how. I checked on Tracy's early movies and he had made a couple of films by 1932 so it's hard to think he was an extra, but the guy could have been his twin. Exactly - on the forgotten man, 80 years later, the more things change, the more they stay the same. What a letdown to figure it out now. Thanks for your response! Barb
  3. I just finished watching this movie for the first time. At the end, during "The Forgotten Man" song they showed WWI soldiers marching in the rain. I paused the film to make sure I wasn't seeing things . . . did I see Spencer Tracy as one of the marching soldiers? By the way, during the crises of failing banks this year an article on economics mentioned Keynes, I think, who wrote of "The Forgotten Man" of the Great Depression and it's pertinence itoday. I had never heard the phrase but thought how true . . . . . that scene almost brought tears! Did anyone know about that song? Sure hope
  4. Many thanks for these quick answers! Now I can go on to worry about something else equally as earth shattering. Happy holidays! Barb
  5. I enjoyed it too and, have it on my harddrive (dishnetwork). In the spirit of the holidays, would you like me to copy it and send it to you? Barb
  6. Can anyone explain why many movies at TCM have no credits at the end? I enjoy seeing who "became a star" when they were younger and finding out who it was that I remember as a kid. Also, there is a c 1940s Paul Guilfoyle (recently in Remember the Night w/ Barbara Stanwyk and Fred MacMurray) - could this be the father or kin to the man who plays "Brass" on CSI - Las Vegas? They sure look alike! Love trivia! Thanks, Barb
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