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  1. I'm sure people think the average viewer is 55 and I'm sure many are. The ones who post messages on websites however are younger. I've 23 years before I'm an average viewer. I don't watch every night though. Am I a part time viewer then?

  2. Actually. There would have been more long lasting kisses and naked bods in older films if it wasn't for the Hayes censorship. Tarzan and His Mate had a nude scene and the characters wore very skimpy outfits throughout the film. These scenes were still tame by today's standards but if it wasn't for the sensors we would have scene todays daring scenes a lot sooner

  3. 1:30 am on July 8th they played the 1925 version of Gold Rush. At least that is what the schedule and TV guide said. Since I taped it and haven't watched it yet I better see the 1925 version on my tape

  4. The point of everyone getting worried about the new movies is that if TCM needs to show newer movies for ratings then eventually they will need to put commercials on. AMC never played new movies the first 5 years then they came out with "the new classics" every Tuesday and then eventually the newer movies were played much more and finally the commercials came. Classics are determined by standing the test of time and films like Austin powers wether you like them or not isn't a true classic yet because they are not old enough yet.

  5. Click on the second selection in the menu field "Main schedule flash" and over on the monthly calender to the right of your screen you can arrow over to the upcoming months.


    I guess things interfere with Silent Sundays is because I assume it's not popular with ratings. I hope this isn't the case. They are playing a few silent films in August and I hope it returns for Sunday nights or another designated night. I just bought 2 packs of VHS tape to save these films so I hope it does return.

  6. Sinistercinema.com has a variety of old movies that TCM should consider playing. Most of the films are rare and haven't been seen for decades. Many are sci/fi, Horror and Fantasy. B- westerns are also available. Their silent movie section is great. check it out.

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