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  1. According to those who write about such things, Donna didn't want the role of Marguerite Patourell (left) in the beginning, claiming that no one would believe Hart's character chose her over Lana Turner (right). "Lana's gorgeous. If I play that part, it'll ruin the picture!" She did, it didn't, and Green Dolphin Street went on to do very well at the box office. Apparently Donna had never seen herself in a mirror. I've read that she was very hard on herself-but this is ridiculous!
  2. According to Brenda Scott Royce's "Donna Reed, A Bio-Bibliography", "Yellow Headed Summer" was released in 1973 as "Welcome to Arrow Beach" and again in 1976 as "Tender Flesh", less 14 minutes. Cast: Laurence Harvey, Joanna Pettet, Stuart Whitman, John Ireland, and Gloria Leroy (I've been doing a LOT of reading, and a bit of posting, on Donna lately!)
  3. Well, if you have read all the other stuff...maybe I can smell them pheromones? At first I just wondered why I didn't see her in more roles like Mary Hatch. After studying her in IAWL (I'd never seen her show), reading Jay Fultz's book, the IAWL book, and a lot of the Royce Bio-Bibliography, and a bunch of interviews from magazines of the time-I became convinced that she was not who most people seem think she was, and that she got (and her memory is STILL getting) a pretty dirty deal. A friend sent me a few episodes of The Donna Reed Show and it isn't what most people say either. Compared to
  4. Jimmy's Dark Side, revealed when he overdoses on pheromones from smelling her hair and can't deal with it: "I don't wanna get married ever, to anyone!" But, like she said, "What did you come here for?"
  5. "We're listening Sam." "Do you remember soybeans?" "Yeah, yeah, soybeans." "Oh Mary, Mary...?" "Will you tell him?" "He says it's the chance of a lifetime..." I posted this in my Mary Hatch thread, but thought most won't go there now, so please forgive the doubling.
  6. If you don't understand my enthusiasm for Donna, put in your It's a Wonderful Life disc. Go to the "courting" scene. When you get to the part where she says "Mother's on the extension." hit "create bookmark" on your DVD player. When you hear "Here they come!", click "goto bookmark"-above. Slow to 1/2 or 1/4 speed for each play through. Repeat as often as needed. You can go back at "He say's it's the chance of a lifetime", if you want. She is flawless. I have seen this one to the point that I even love the faint freckles around her nose. I can anticipate the slight clenching of her jaw and
  7. Well I have just met a very near and dear lifelong friend. Taking pity on me he has loaned me seven episodes from his collection! I am soon to be in a Donna induced state of bliss. Yes, I have seen some, and yes they are much better than I always thought. These are season two. Just think, there are two hundred and sixty-seven MORE of these out there somewhere!
  8. That is from episode 111 out of 274 total. The dialogue seems more detailed and snappy than I remember most shows being (I never saw any of hers). I like the end. I know, I've got it bad. I even like the intro, she still looks cute as a bug's ear to me. Here's the 1965 intro: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGrjdxtNsjw&feature=PlayList&p=53827C1DF5611985&index=22 You know, when she won the Academy Award she sprinted all the way to the stage. When she got there she said that it was such a long walk she didn't know if she would make it. When they told her backstage that she had r
  9. Um...actually, I was hoping that maybe others would go and look at the clip and tell me if they can see the same "fire and spice" that Donna brought to the role of Mary Hatch, in her role as Donna Stone. My post explaining the "hardening" of Pottersville satisfies my sense of reality. So, will someone go look at the clip and let me know if they see what I see? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fD1MAN6kDuQ Wow, it's been two days already and nobody can waste a minute and forty-five seconds? (This is one BUSY crowd!) Common, forget your Donna Reed Show bias and tell me if she is more like Mary
  10. I read in "In Search of Donna Reed" that it was Jimmy Stewart who said He "had to think of his career", when he rejected Donna for the part opposite him in the Stratton story. According to Brenda Scott Royce, Donna Reed , A Bio-Bibliography: Donna was thrilled to be working with Stewart again, but after the poor box office performance of It's a Wonderful Life, the producers didn't want to re-team Stewart and Reed and she was replaced by June Allyson. (Well, there is always an official side to a story.) Robert Osborne wrote in his Jan, 15, 1986 column for the Hollywood Reporter of: "Donna's
  11. > Could she have married Sam Wainwright after all? Was > George that big a part of Wainwright's success? They > would have found a manufacturing plant even without > George's suggestion. If George is not there then "the > phone call" takes on a whole different meaning. She wasn't interested in Sam, but I guess she might have settled for him with no George around. Even without the "hardening" effect of the elder bailey dying early and Potter taking over sooner, it was George who told Sam that he had read about making plastics out of soybeans-in Martini's as I recall. And
  12. Ah, yes. But, this isn't about what would have happened if they had never married, it's about him not having been born at all. George had an influence on the town, and Mary, from the very beginning, not just on her adult life. He is the natural leader of his "gang", and is outgoing and adventurous, but he is also respectful and considerate. Note his response to Violet asking him to help her off her stool: "Help you down?!" Then he turns to Mary a moment later and almost tenderly asks, "Have you made up your mind yet?" Even when he says "Say brainless, don't you know where coconuts come from?"
  13. Despite the corniness of the "Lasso the Moon" Scene it shows more of the seemingly flawless interaction between Stewart and Reed that would have made a sequel and other films together truly special. It is important to remember here that he has had no idea that Mary is seriously interested in him, except for the usual little flirts and such of a little girl. The remark that Marty makes at the dance about one dance with hime giving her "The thrill of her life!" is taken as an exaggeration most likely. Mary, on the other hand has spent most of her life dreaming about hugging and kissing and marry
  14. Thanks! Actually I've been around to most of these places, sadly, some are no longer there. But that did remind me to take another look at her foundation. The Donna Reed Foundation for the Performing Arts is a not-for-profit organization chartered as a 501©(3) charitable entity. That's what I was hoping for, because I am working on an idea to propose to them. The foundation page is pretty plain, but they should have access to, or be able to gain access to pretty much anything related to her. In fact, they may even be able to get some form of distribution agreement with the owners of the rights
  15. There doesn't seem to be a place for posts that are dedicated to a particular person, so I'll put this here. This is more of the details in this film, some Capra's, some Donna's, some maybe only in my mind, and the rest of the story... I rediscovered Donna Reed less than a month ago. I had forgotten just how good she was in It's a Wonderful Life. The more I saw, the more I looked. The more I looked, the more I realized just how far the public perception of her is from reality. I found a copy of Jay Fultz's "In Search Of Donna Reed" online and ordered it. By the time it arrived I had becom
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