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  1. The first installment of this mini series is a real education on the start of film. I loved the biographies of all the studio mogals. My favorite part, Christopher Plummer has an excellent voice for this series. I can't wait til next monday for the second installment bravo TCM great job!!.....
  2. this is just sooooo sad. I hope it gets resolved this movie is a Hitchcock best and doesn't deserve this kind of trama.
  3. right answer! love this movie. Joan Bennett holds her own along side Cary Grant.
  4. James Whitmore "The Next voice you hear" with our former first lady Mrs. Nancy Reagan
  5. Thanks for letting me share during the 24 hour tribute. The TCM family is the best.I agree with Tony Curtis it is "Tony Curtis Movies" in all our hearts this tribute day.Thanks to his family and friends for sharing him with us all these eighty five years through his interviews, films, books. Thanks so much!
  6. the last movie of Tony Curtis 's 24 hour tribute is the movie "Don't Make Waves" with the late Sharon Tate i think its her major film debut, made in 1967. Tony Curtis is great with his physical comedy in this film. I think this film is trying to reach the younger generation of its time. At the end of the movie a whole house collapses on Malibu beach! You got to see this film.
  7. The movie The Great Race is about to start love jack Lemmon & Tony curtis in this film. This film reminds me of a great scavenger hunt with a lot of belly laughs and a great cast Tony Curtis does comedy so well in this film....enjoy! Let The Race Begin Start Your Engines one and all...
  8. I just finished watching The Sweet Smell of Sucess & The defiant ones they get better every time i watch them. Now the movie Trapeze just started such a wonderful triple feature to enjoy tonite. I have never seen this movie yet in color just in my childhood in black -n-white. These movies in my opinion are Tony's finest. Also thanks to Burt Lancaster for tony's parts in these movies. I'm imagining Burt & Tony are having a goodtime reminiscing right now over a good beer!....
  9. You can't win them all is good! i like it never seen it before Tony & charles are the indiana jones team in this film nice adventure film surprised me. Didn't watch Sex and the singlegirl had to take a nap. but the SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS IS COMING AFTER THIS FILM.
  10. operation petticoat was just on loved the zedany comedy Tony was in a scenes with a pig i wonder how many shots it took with the animal whew! i bet tony had stories to tell about that day on the set!!!!!! Tony said many times in interviews he loved doing this movie with his idol Cary Grant. It shows how much he enjoyed doing this film.
  11. thanks mongo feels great to be back on board loliteblue~
  12. I watched the movie The Vikings but i would much prefer the movie Sparticus. Tony really gets burned in this movie OUCH!!!!! Kirk Douglas was great as was Janet Leigh but i don't think this was one of tony's great acting moments.
  13. Yes, can't wait for "the sweet smell of Sucess" later today, i'm taping it on my DVR. I wish TCM was showing the movie "Great Imposter" its one of my favorites
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