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  1. James Whitmore "The Next voice you hear" with our former first lady Mrs. Nancy Reagan
  2. thanks mongo feels great to be back on board loliteblue~
  3. Hi Mongo great candids !.... I always wanted to see a picture of Jane Fonda's mom. Hope all is fine with you and yours. Glad to be back on the boards! Finally upgraded my computer had some health issues fine now. have a great day!....looking forward to candid's mongo you rock on this website. loliteblue~
  4. my two favorite pics are: 1. Brief Encounter 2. A letter from an unknown woman Two great films seldom seen would be great on TCM.
  5. Actually i have two favorities the Jonathan winters gas station scene in "It's a mad mad mad mad World" i heard a cute story told by Robert Osborne about this scene. Seems it was a lunch break in the middle of shooting this scene and Jonathan Winters was all duck taped in the chair for the scene well they forgot about him being tied up and left him there throughout the lunch break!... Everyone came back from lunch an hour later Jonathan still sitting there waiting patiently to do the scene! Boy he must've been hungry that day!.... Also the scene from the movie "The Birds" great cinema to
  6. TCM THANK YOU!!! FOR SHOWING METROPOLESS! PLEASE SHOW IT again as soon as possible. The 30 minutes of added film footage never seen am i right? Someone correct me if i am wrong gave the film more texture when going fromscene to another in that 30 minutes of film time!!! most enjoyable why did lang keep that 30 minutes of film out of the orginal cut? Could someone answer this question for me? could he only show the edited version? Lang was ahead of his time with this film,he deserved high acclaim and a oscar! Would love to give him one posthumously...!!! thanks tcm and lang for letting
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