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  1. therealfuster quite right! "The Window" & "The Glass Menagerie" are superb Arthur Kennedy movies i'm ashamed to admit i had forgotten them in my original posting lolite:0
  2. a slap in the face ?.... lolite.
  3. Director Fred Niblo Ben Hur -1925 One of the 36 founders of the academy motion pictures arts & sciences finally! got one right....lolite. phew!
  4. gwtwbooklover, congratulations to you! youare indeed correct Shadow on the wall 1950 this is a nail bitter even til the end when the actual killer is revealed!!!!!!! must see film hope tcm shows it soon feels like Hitchcock but isn't great film noir your round & thanks for playing..... lolite.
  5. CLUE# 5.The husband when he regains consciousness from being hit on the head with the lamp his wife hit him with during their fight. He finds lying on the living room carpet his wife dead.
  6. The virgin Mary in the film "The Bible" ?....
  7. thanks MLfor the support CLUE# 4. A child in trama.
  8. Still no one answering boy i must be giving better clues than i thought!... CLUE# 3.An Architect on death row for murdering his wife.
  9. Arthur Kennedy will always be known as the "Bad" stepfather in Peyton Place he was very good in this role Also in the movie Summerplace playing Troy Donahune's drunken dad good film for the 60's. In Lawerence of Arabia he plays a reporter, trying to write & understand Lawrence of Arabia. In the film Elmer Gantry he plays the part of another reporter to see if a tent evangelist is a fake or not. Very good acting by an actor who was and is still underated in my opinion. lolite.
  10. Since there are no takers?! CLUE#2. An ultra modern steep staircase for a little girl to climb.
  11. thanks Ken, I'll be glad to play this round! Well here it goes folks! CLUE #1. Husband & wife physically fight wife hits him with a lamp and knocks him out unconcious.
  12. sabrinakfair2 I can help you with this movie the title is "Blossoms in the Dust " 1941 film stars Greer Garson & Walter Pigeon. It's quite a tear jerker and the little boy with the brace "Little Tony" you just want to pick up & hug kiss and craddle in your arms through out the whole movie. It's a true story basedon the life of Edna Gladney who spent her life to finding homes for unwanted infants in texas, She estalished The Texas Children's home and Aid Society....
  13. Martha Montgomery was one of the "Glamous Goldwyn Girls" appearing in very minor roles in several films of the 1940s. But to some film score fans, Martha is known as the widow of Alfred Newman and mother of David, Thomas Newman. This musical family has rocked our world and thank god they did!...My sincere condolences to David, Thomas, their families, & friends what a wonderful legacy both parents Alfred & Martha leave for their children.... lolite blue.
  14. WOW! Hit me over the head and call me dunce! young man with a horn! I got it finally wink!!!!
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