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  1. Judy Garland in "The Good Old Summertime" lolite.
  2. wonderful to hear about Barbara Kent she was fabulous as the whiney crying child in the movie "EMMA" lolite.
  3. All i can say is "WOW" and the saga continues....lolite.
  4. I just heard by way of the weatherchannel.com Austin Texas where Lary is at the moment is tying things down in their city because of the storm !.... Stay safe Larry!
  5. Buddy Rogers? just a guess... lolite. I hope your leg is doing better coffeedan.
  6. Yes i remember wwor channel 9 "The Million Dollar Movie" growing up in the bronx the fordham road area & Washington Heights area i viewed such movies as: "Royal Wedding" "King Kong" and a movie i can't remember the title of it starred Victor Mature, Bing Crosby's wife Kathryn and the wondeful actor Gilbert Roland walking across Niagara falls! It also starred David Nelson i loved this movie! The whole week it was on i watched over & over again as a child this film had such an effect on me Victor mature was a circus owner and what child doesn't like the circus. If anyone knows
  7. As everyone knows Larry is in Austin, Texas right now filming the Pola Negri Documentary Larry we hope you are safe out of Hurricane Rita's Path & send are much needed prayers to you and others affected by this next Hurricane. Get out safely Larry please! I know with certainty Larry's gonna have some antidotes with some ****######!!!! to tell us about his travels & experiences stay safe everyone in affected areas...lolite.
  8. larry, Just wanted to say "hi" glad you could post from the plane! Want to wish my best to you in partiscipating in the documentary and hope all goes well but if it does not! Give em hell's wrath (chuckle) larry That punch bowl should be a priceless heirloom in Debbie Reynolds' collection for the priceless history it brings to itself! ha-ha have a good trip Larry! Best regards and good luck with your meeting for our beloved stars who should have stars! I'd have pears in caramel sauce with you anytime! lolite.
  9. Your correct alix 1929 it is indeed Becky Sharp congratulations your turn to do a round p.s. Miriam Hopkins was excellent as Becky Sharp her crowning glory moment in film. Everyone should see this film. lolite.
  10. Path i've never seen it but i'll make a note to see thanks for the hint that it's an inferior remake that way i won't expect to much from the film and be disappointed...lolite. Now on to the game! CLUE# 1. A girl throws a dictionary at someone due to youthful rebellion.
  11. I also would say the indianna Jones movies the whole collection. The Star trek movies with the original cast love that capt. Kirk! But first and formost is all the James Bond movies with the first being "To Russia with Love" and all the movies since then my favorite being "Goldfinger" with top hat using his top hat as a lethal weapon to Shirley Bassey singing the title song to the movie great! BTW Sean Connery was and still is my favorite James Bond. MARTINI SHAKEN NOT STIRRED for oo7. lolite.
  12. Path i knew it was on the tip of my tongue!..... Five Star Final with Edward G. Robinson (incidentally) he keeps washing his hands as if to wash off guilt! Excellent movie lolite.
  13. Path you must see "A Bill Of Divorcement" Kate Hepburn opens the film with a fantastic scene forever film history. I have this film on vhs when i need a kate Hepburm movie i choose this one first! Morning Glory, then stage door...Kate said while making this movie John Barrymore chased her around the set and tired her out to no end in closeups in the film he kept putting his hands where he shouldn't she set him straight as Kate Hepburn could she also said she loved working with him they became friends John exclaimed after the picture was finished "She'll become agreat actress" he was r
  14. Exciting Ken exciting can't wait for next week! When Nyokia was tied to those trees i could just feel the OUCH ! Ken the new thread is a great addition to our serial matinee love it all keep it coming abig thumbs up! lolite.
  15. Frank Capra or Douglas Fairbanks JR. or Burt Lancaster loliteblue.
  16. wow! this jungle is like an active volcano about to errupt... been catching up and enjoying this great saturday matinee thanks again ken for all your efforts this serial is so exciting i didn't finish all of my buttered pop corn and that's saying alot!!!!!! lolite.
  17. mongo, thanks for the research on the hiccups. My computer has been down til today switching to DSL from dial up took some time! Everytime i see Stan Laurel & Marie Dressler hiccup i totally crack up it makes my day! lolite
  18. Mongo this might be a silly question or not or might be considered a trivia question What actor & actress filmed the first hic-cup on film?... loliteblue.
  19. sibyl vane - Angela Landsberry- portrait of Dorian Grey
  20. Hi Deborah thanks for trying to remind me by trying to post. Yes i agree paul Winfield on A&E is so sorely missed! Read all of your posts particularly the post you made at BOAN I agree with you.We have to know past history of films or past history of anything events, wars, political seasons, so that we can learn from past mistakes and hope we as a nation don't repeat our mistakes and learn from them. Regardless of gender, stereotypes, and racism we must learn that humanity can't bear to keep harping and tearing down genders, stereotypes, and racism or will be a nation that ulti
  21. Thanks TCM It was a wonderful day of tribute to the world's greatest actor Spencer Tracy. In the movie "Inherit The Wind " i absolutely think that the oscar should have been won for this role! We can debate forever whether its this movie or the movie "The old man and the sea" both oscar worthy. He may have had his human weaknesses and we don't need to hash this out on these boards and thank you for not doing that and showing respect for the actor and his body of work. Spencer said and I Quote "KNOW YOUR MARK, KNOW YOUR LINES, BE ON TIME. I guess that could apply in all area of life a ru
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