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  1. thanks mongo its great to be back even sitting at the computer trying my best at trivia which i love to death!.....lolite.
  2. Ken, a great ending to a fantastic serial loved it every week saturday is a treat on these boards! Now on to JUNGLE GIRL! SWINGING ON A VINE WHOOPIE!...lolite. p.s. I'll add extra twinkies and ding dongs in the pail for next week yummy!....
  3. I finally remembered the actor's name i couldn't remember in earlier posting as a great voice in films and commericals James Earl Jones! A God given voice to be sure my apologizes for being so absent minded lolite.
  4. I would make a list but all of you already wrote my list except for Peter O' Toole and sir Anthony Hopkins and the actor who does the verizon commericals on t.v.and who recently did "On Golden Pond" at Lincoln Center but had to quit because of recovering from pnemonia this actor has quite a voice a gift from God! But for the life of me i can't remember his name ? lolite.
  5. thanks lux for the kind words that's swell of you it makes my day !...
  6. thanks Ken & Path for your good wishes i am on the mend slowly but surely it will take time. loliteblue
  7. Ken, thanks for doing my favorite serial "Jungle Girl " next on the program. I"ll have popcorn at the ready for the sat. matinee. Haven't been posting wrenched my back badly and haven't been able to sit at the computer mostly in bed with muscle relaxers and heating pad the last two weeks but i'm glad to say i'm on the mend! Thanks again ken for doing this thread got caught up today that mountie is going to get his man in the final chapter i just know it!....loliteblue.(but how i do not know haven't a glue) that's the fun of it trying to guess the outcome of the final chapter.
  8. Thelma Ritter she's got my vote and respect she was a great talent on screen why she never won an oscar is beyond my comprehension !....Been away from the boards for awhile due to wrenching my back terribly getting so now i can sit at the computer and converse loliteblue... i'm on the mend.
  9. yes your correct panellacjunocom congratulations to you! a fine movie with Doris Day in the lead drama role and Doris is exceptionally good in this movie as well. Now its your turn to start a round loliteblue.
  10. poor king! over the falls he went! as long as he gets the bad guy i guess its ok to get water logged...... next week i can only guess what king gets himself into ken this serial is a keeper for sure! lolite.
  11. clue#4- airplane in trouble with no pilot to fly the plane.
  12. i forgot to include oops, One, Two, Three, hilarious love it! Public Enemy Mister Roberts (That darn Palm Tree he loved it like a pet) gut busting scenes with that tree!!!!!!! loliteblue
  13. my favorites are: Strawberry Blonde White Heat G-Men Angels with Dirty Faces Love Me or Leave me Man of a thousand Faces Ragtime Yankee Doodle Dandy 13 Rue Madeline
  14. since no responses must have everyone stumped! wink! CLUE # 3 The women's second husband is very obsessive in his behavior. loliteblue.
  15. nope, good try CLUE# 2. The wife remarries the husband's best friend a pianist.
  17. welcome to the boards and i hope you enjoy our threads i love movies from the 30s, 40s, dramas, lovestories, & mysteries. loliteblue.
  18. I watched the interview i also was wishing the interview was longer betty bacall is a no nonsense lady who has a very good memory for an 80 years young lady. When she told of her relationship between herself and her mother i was in tears and happy for her not many daughters today can say my mom is my pal. She honestly told of her most intimate details of her budding romance with boggie going out at 3 a.m. to meet him when he calls! Mother forbids the meeting but she goes anyway guess what so would i!... Her fans of her and boggie are sure glad she did!..... I'm getting a copy of the
  19. Hi everyone! Just to remind everyone tonite private screenings: Lauren Bacall at 8:00 p.m. & a repeat broadcast at 11:00 p.m. Enjoy!... loliteblue.... p.s. check you local listings in your area.
  20. i put the clues together and i got a brain spark! the movie "Come back Little Sheba" Shirley BoothI is awesome in this film.
  21. i'm sorry to report hated this movie though Johnny Depp acting and characterization excellent. My heart is with the Gene Wilder film and always will be...too dark just not for kids to have fun with and watch and giggle with i couldn't wait for it to be over! Went straight home and put in my tape of the Gene Wilder film while munching on a chocolate bar!...what a relief we have the original to turn back too. thank goodness!....loliteblue.
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