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  1. just a footnote you can view Peter Lorre in Mr.Moto movies on www.movie flix.com need to have real player or download real player to view the movies. loliteblue p.s. you can watch some movies for free or take the plus package for 6.95 a month... hope this info helps!.....
  2. topol in fiddler on the roof ?....i'm not sure just a guess lolite.
  3. King is forever getting into a hot spot!!! phew! that Linda is so smart wink!she gets right into the thick of things. Now King is near hot smealtering ore! right? or is he? Well i'll find out next week how he gets out of all his hot spots wink! Ken it gets better & better with each chapter! love it! It's not a saturday without a serial & some popcorn to munch on! loliteblue.
  4. Dan O'Herlihy in the movie "Failsafe" He recently passed on in Feb 05.
  5. Rudy Vallee, Harry James, Dean Martin, or Tony Martin. lolite. (I just couldn't decide which one?)
  6. thanks mongo, Hillary Brooke was the sexest villain ,vamp in movies her gowns her looks! Just magnificent I could've sworn she was British! Astoria N.Y. well bowl me over!....lolite. p.s. Larry Hillary made quite an entance in that movie i agree! thanks again mongo this thread is one of my favorites you do an outstanding job!......
  7. Hi mongo, I was watching a sherlock holmes movie on movie flix .com "The Women in Green" Hillary Brooke was in the film i know she was in several sherlock holmes movies with Basil Rathbone. She was beautiful and had an English accent in all her movies. I don't know a thing about her but i'm sure you could do a detailed bio of her for me! thanks mongo in advance lolite.
  8. Dan thank God you are alright! i'm so proud of you!.... i'm so glad you had that pizza box in your hand and gave that would be attacker the one ! two!.. loliteblue.
  9. William Powell in "Life with Father" I think that even though William Powell steals this movie as the patriarch of the family. Irene Dunne also shines in a quiet way!... lolite.
  10. King sure is in the heat & fire of the battle for good & evil today to be sure! I have fun every sat trying to figure out how king gets out of his dilemna's but today's edition has me pleasantly stumped! I CAN'T WAIT FOR NEXT WEEK'S INSTALLMENT!... thanks ken great summer saturday at the matinee lolite. Have a good weekend!....
  11. Portrait of Jenny, Withering Heights, Random Harvest. need a kleenex box of tissues when watching these films. loliteblue.
  12. the movie is: "The Strawberry Blonde" 1941. love that phrase & love this cagney film loliteblue.
  13. bayarea4 congrats to you! you've won! Now its your turn to start a round good luck thanks for playing early on a sat. morning loliteblue.
  15. Lux, I agree with your post! Thank you for having the foresight & courage to post your opinion, when it became apparent things were tongue -n- cheek and a little too sarcastic. The wizard of Oz is a great movie no matter how you slice it no piece of the movie has the same interpertation from one person to another!... But first and foremost can we all say that we love this movie hum its songs in private Hush! Ido! Judy's song "Over the rainbow " an untouched classic from a great talent. Toto we love endlessly, Miss Glutch we put up with phew! Plus we all have our favorite whether i
  16. Ken, i agree with mongo on all points another great day at the matinee! lolite p.s. sorry it took so long to post i had trouble logging in sat lolite.
  17. I'll start the next round thanks ml for responding on the rules of the game for the newbies! CLUE #1. a bracelet locket with a heart.
  18. Dustin Hoffman in "Papillion" this movie grabs at my heart strings no matter how many times i watch it Hoffman & McQueen superb! lolite.
  19. Mongo i quite agree with you ! sigh! lolite.
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