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  1. HINT #2- This film was to be released without music but preview audiences were puzzled by the silent opening scenes. So Andre Previn added a musical score at the begining of opening scenes of this film.
  2. all films photographed in technicolor.Have a nice day!! be nice to others they'll be nice to you! I sincerely appreciate all your knowledge about technicolor vs. Eastman color in films, you know a lot well done thank you for your informative insight are there other topics about film in general you could focus on now and share with us? I think its time to do so!
  3. Just to post some valuable information the movie sequels "Daughters Courageous", "Four Wives"-(1939),"Four Mothers"-(1941). Are not on vhs. Just the original movie "Four Daughters"-(1938).Buy it at TCM or tape them when tcm airs them. I wish the powers that be would put them out on vhs please! But saying all that i'm gonna buy my copy as soon as i can of "Four Daughters" i hope you all can follow suit to."Young at Heart" 1954 remake of "Four Daughters" is out on dvd it stars Frank Sinatra and Doris Day.
  4. After the movie "Four Daughters there was two sequels could someone give me the titles of the two movies and the dates they were made? Also the character actress who played Claude Rains'sister could someone give me her name i would love to see her in any movie that she's in !! she is just fabulous in all these movies. If you've seen these movies and love them as i do post in and share your feelings.If you love classic comedy/Romance movies and want to share other movies for us all to watch and look out for on TCM feel free to thanks a bunch!
  5. I think that Lon Chaney Sr. did outstanding work in my opinon in"laugh clown laugh" & "PHANTOM OF THE OPERA" words can't express how magnificent he was that i feel we should honor him now post humourous with an oscar i hope the academy members read this sometime!He's certainly has my vote! It was a delightful evening of Lon Chaney the other nite thanks TCM,i was wishing he was still with us doing silent films he just expressed so much emotion and thought without voice! Having deaf parents was an asset to his craft not a handicap as some people suggest.James Cagney deserved an oscar n
  6. "YOUNG AT HEART" 1954 was a remake of the 1938 film "FOUR DAUGHTERS" Claude Rains, John Garfield(makes his film debut)DOES HE EVER! He sent chills up & down my spine especially that first camera glimpse of his face at the piano man oh man worth the price of admission! Up there with "THE POSTMAN ALWAYS RINGS TWICE" The Lane sisters Priscilla,Lola, Rosemary & Gale Page played one of the sisters.spawned two sequels.Loved all the movies you need a box of tissues for these movies they are great, great, great!
  7. Classicsfan just wanted to wish you a "Happy Birthday" also this is my second birthday greeting today. My brother in-laws birthday today too! Do like i told him to do swallow a couple of brews and have a great day! It's been fun playing trivia with ya!- Many many happy returns of the day.
  8. path 40 felt the same way this saturday nite thanks TCM!!
  9. OOPS!!.......coffeedan is correct i'm mistaken, have a good day! when you mentioned Susan Hayward that threw me in the wrong movie direction.
  10. Is anyone out there still playing? i'll play waiting for first clue.
  11. the title is: "Massacre in Rome"-1973 (USA) In Italy the title is:"Rappresaglia"-1973 directed by George P.Cosmatos. writing by Robert Katz who also wrote the book "Death in Rome." "Massacre in Rome" is the true story of how this partisan attack led to the mass execution of italian nationals under the orders of SS-Lieutenant Colonel Kappler played by Richard Burton and Father Pietro Antonelli is played by Marcello Mastroianni.The plot of the movie:In the Nazi occupied city of Rome,an assault on a ss brigade draws retaliation from the military governship.
  12. Yes, be glad to help you the movie is: "I'd Climb The Highest Mountain" 1951 stars William Lundigan, Susan Hayward. TCM offers this movie to purchase on their shopping website on sale for 17.99 on vhs only. Inthe future you can search for other movies on the website www.MovieGoods.com just give the name of the actress or actor you get the list of their movies Hope this help you have a great day!
  13. Yes your correct! it is Harvey 1950-starring Jimmy Stewartthe women who played his sister Josephine Hull received an oscar for best supporting actress and of course the wonderful rabbit Harvey your turn now sandykaypax good going!!
  14. Hint#3- His favorite hangout is the local bar with his favorite companion
  15. HINT # 1- An eccentric family living in a small town
  16. "The man who came to dinner" love this movie at christmas time! love that Monte Wooley!
  17. I have to go and watch what's on tcm tonite been waiting to see the movie "The Raven" bye for now ! Great nite for buttered pop corn & TCM.
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