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  1. Yes, classicsfan your correct its a great movie but ialways have to watch it with a box of kleenex at my side now its your turn I'll wait for your clue. bggalaxy sorry to hear about your problems getting on to the web site hope you can join us soon.
  2. HINT#6-Devotes her life to finding homes for unwanted infants.
  3. HINT#5-Her only son dies in a wagon accident on christmas day.
  4. HINT #2-Battles prejudice and bureaucracy in the Texas legislature.
  5. thanks so much!! I'm blushing! smiley face!! HINT #1- a TEXAS FOUNDLING HOME
  6. this really is a good trivia game tonite can't wait for the answer to this question, I'll remember this trivia question in my sleep! truly i will!.......smile!.....
  7. Your quite welcome classicsfan i agree with you thanks for clearing that up for me. my guess to the trivia game is "Henry VIII" ?
  8. "Hooray classicsfan" glad your back in the game good ole answer ! Just love that Shane answer & luv the way you play the game!! By the way Shane is my favorite western but i love at the end when the little boy says:Come back shane,come back shane could you answer a nagging question for me or anyone i have had for years is alan ladd dead on the horse from his gunshot wound when the little boy cries out to him or is he just ignoring him the little boy and just riding off into the sunset(sorry if i am out of line asking this in this post i won't do it again but it just seem like the right
  9. JACK ELAM THE LEGAGCY YOU LEFT US WITH HELP US NOT MISS YOU SO MUCH!EVERY TIME I WATCH A WESTERN NOW I'LL JUST BE TEARY EYED AND THANKFUL FOR YOUR TIME ON THIS EARTH. Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent with us. My sincere condolences to your family & friends. YOU WILL BE SO MISSED!!..........
  10. "Spellbound"-1945 an Alfred Hitchcock film starring Gregory Peck & Ingrid Bergman Gregory Peck has lost hos memory throughout the film Ingrid Bergman is a psychiatrist who helps him get his memory back one day at a time she FALLS IN LOVE WITH HIM AND HE WITH HER there's tension and suspence all through the movie fABULOUS!!!
  11. Yes, Path40a your correct the winner! thanks for letting me know for future reference appreciate the info. Now its your turn in the trivia game Have fun !......
  12. Hint# 3 The hostess for the evening is the good witch from the wizard of oz!
  13. Hint#2 The aspic for the evening is in the shape of a lion good luck
  14. Sorry folks it took so long here it goes: Hint # 1.Dinnerguests in Manhattan at nite
  15. OOPS,sorry about leaving out that comma out after sir, won't happen again wink!
  16. Yes, your correct thanks for hanging in there.Now it's your turn for 21 questions. Have a good time,and can't wait for your next post really enjoy this trivia game. Please get a copy of this movie and watch it with someone over buttered popcorn if you can its great i highly recommend it.
  17. Hint #5 James Whitmore & Nancy Davis * this was before she was Ron Reagan's wife
  18. no, thanks for trying a good guess. Hint #4 I'll be with you for the next few days."
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