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  1. Hint #2-FRustrated Airplane Factory Worker & Pregnant wife
  2. tHANKS, fEAITO YOUR A PEACH! it was a toss up between holiday or vacation i could't remember which one for sure ok here's hint #1. An average american couple Joe and mary smith.
  3. "The Man Who Came to Dinner" ?the movie was with one of my favorite actresses Bette Davis, and Monte Wooley simply love it i make it a habit to watch every Christmas with "It's a wonderful life"
  4. If i were alone on a desert Island i would be thinking of ways to get off the island !!but while contemplating my escape i would watch one of my favorite movies "The Great Escape" with Steve McQueen & James Garner. Also all the Indiana Jones movies to give me the incentive to get off this darn Island!!......How did i get here in the first place GOSH DARN ?!!
  5. I would like to see a month of the following stars: Martha Raye, Judy Canova,Carman Miranda
  6. When i was a kid the sixties i would go to the matinees at the Rko and Valentine threatres in the Bronx,N.Y.C right next door to the RKO threatre was a charcoal flamed hamburger joint the biggest and tastest hamburger i ever had as a little kid yum!yum!.... I can still taste it it was a treat in my family to do this before we saw the movie and once in the movie house we would order a king size hot buttered pop corn to share and large cokes for every one! But i also had to order my milk duds to top it off! I'm dating myself a bit but i actually saw two musical groups that were fame
  7. Charles Bronson had a style all his own.Through his movies we will see him being the rough and tough hombre that is Charles Bronson. The public didn't know his battle with pneumonia the last for weeks of his life he choose to quietly handle all aspects of his personal life. Avoiding hollywood hoopla and tabloids! I salute his style, sensitivity, the man is a class act! To his friends and family i wish them comfort and love
  8. please!tcm get all the blondie movies you can from columbia pictures or amc and show them on sunday morning like amc use to do you would have many grateful viewers who love this kind of wholesome comedy me in particular! especially good to watch over a plate of flapjacks on a cold fall and winter sunday morning the best! blondie please pass the pancake syrup.......
  9. an old topper movie where Joan blondell played the ghost and the woman it was a series of topper movies and that was the last one of the series you can find it on Movieflix.com
  10. Call your cable provider for listings of satellite dishes you could purchase that provide tcm or look up tv satellite dishes in your local yellow pages. call your local telephone operator for the phone number an 800 # usually. for the local satellite provider in your area. just some suggestions good luck!....
  11. TCM i salute you for this wonderful month of August with summer winding down and school starting now in most areas it took my mind off the stress of a recent death in the family and getting niece off to first time kindergarten. vet appointments, school supplies (the prices outrageous and folks this is just kindergarten!...... Now to put my feet up with my favorite snack,watch my favorite actor & actress all nite long not much sleep but what a way to go! tcm let's make this an annual event every August it certainly gets my vote!....well done as always tcm!!
  12. Can't leave out Mary Wickes, Patsy kelly, just wonderful to watch in any movie they are in
  13. love the painting with light segments show great immagination tcm put more stars of yesteryear on that segment to paint wonderful!.......
  14. TCM your tribute to Kate Hepburn was better than AMC's thank you so much your choice of her movies were excellent and now future generations can get to know her like us old movie fans do! "Rooster Cogburn " the chemistry between the duke and kate is just like her chemistry between Bogart in the movie"African Queen" both movies are my favorites show them often TCM.
  15. "Guess who's coming to dinner" Spencer Tracy last speech at the end of the movie is his way of saying goodbye to his life long audience. Quite a triumph in his physical condition.Truly a star not just an actor the likes we will never see again in our life time. Katharine's tears are real proud of her life partners accomplishment in the last film of his life. I'll even bet she's thinking back lovingly on their life together! We all should be so blessed to have such a love in our lives to look back on too!....... This movie melts my heart and shows me what real love is or could be!
  16. I wouldn't call it tcm's worst month but a different month of june from past years.Love tcm its format is like no other and i am loyal to the core!Bollywood was an experience of foreign film to american audiences as a student is to film class. Keep up the good work! I think eating my buttered popcorn and watching a film and learning about said film is ok with me. Once and a while then back to my favorite old film with lots of butter on my popcorn american style!........Hooray for "Bollywood" if i may say so. LOVE YA TCM HUGS AND KISSES!!!!!!!
  17. You have to be an AOL member to participate in the vote out of twenty movies you pick which ones you want to be put on dvd. the most votes out of the twenty? get to be on dvd Jan 20004. TCM/WARNER BROTHERS/AOL ARE SPONSORING this promotion AOl keyword TCM/DVDSELECTIONS. GOOD LUCK!
  18. The movie "Payment on Demand" Bette Davis film is actually owned now by warner bros.They have yet to release it to home video wish they would or let tcm have it to show on air. Don't understand the powers that be at warner bros about hanging on so tightly to this film. Could old Warner have canned the film because of past contract disputes he couldn't forgive her for doing to him in the past? Someone should look into it for sure! TCM HOW ABOUT GIVING IT A TRY ? Would love to see this movie air.....
  19. I'd choose June allyson and Jimmy Stewart any time!!.... to babysit at any price and they could eat anything in the frig they wanted too!!........
  20. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOB HOPE" ON YOUR 100TH ! THIS HOLLYWOOD ICON BRINGS US ALL TO OUR KNEES IN GRATITUDE FOR ALL YOU DID NOT ONLY IN MOVIES TO MAKE US LAUGH OUR SELVES SILLY...But in all wars for our soldier boys past and present during the christmas season when he could've been with his own family! I salute you and when the good lord made you he broke the mold! love ya! enjoy your senior years with pride and accomplishment you deserve to!....glad this special birthday is with family, friends, and love ones!
  21. Well i guess movie critics get jaded. Thank goodness the fans don't have a jaded bone in our bodies for the late Gregory Peck.Just admiration for a job well done!...... A fine gentleman and a wonderful story teller the word actor just doesn't do him justice.His many films his many parts that he poured himself into was pure enjoyment for the public domain for ever and ever ......... When the good lord gave him the gift of acting he gave him a double dose to be sure! I will miss him and all his wonderful story telling. My thoughts and prays with his family.
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