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  1. YIKES! I forgot Frances Dee & Joel Mccrea thanks fashion for reminding me i must've had a generic moment:( lolite...
  2. Ken that Garson fella is a bad dude! But the canadian mounties always get there man can't wait to read what comes next. Great start to a good serial thanks Ken its fabulous!!! lolite.
  3. Mongo, just thought you had people in from out of town today, thought nothing of it. BUT GOSH! I JUST LOVE TRIVIA WITH YA ON THE WEEKEND JUST NO BONES ABOUT IT! ANSWER: Shirley Temple at the time she was the main box office draw. "Hollywood's Darling" I love her movies and her!......lolite.
  4. I agree with you gypsy quite the amazing foursome!.... No one can match them today!.....lolite.
  5. plymouth rock ? just a guess i couldn't resist!
  6. thanks edgdrv for the info! lolite.
  7. "The Wrong Man" with Henry Fonda & Vera Miles (movie Psycho fame) is an true story based on what happened to a man in new york city in the 1950's, about mistaken identity and the stress it causes a family. Vera Miles is excellent as the wife who suffers a nervous breakdown due to all the stress of the situation.... Not one of Hitch's normal stories of mystery & suspense. But definiately a good drama. Henry Fonda in my opinion makes this movie come alive with action that leaves you glued to the end. In a way this move reminds me of the movie "Northside 777" its along that ro
  8. Feaito, thanks for the wonderful feedback you do great reviews too! So i was a little timid in your shadow phew! But your encouragement to do more reviews really made my day thanks friend! I never saw Jamaica Inn or I Confess as yet but hoping thur amazon.com to get a good vhs copy! Stage Fright with Jane Wyman & Marlena Dietrich is a great who done it film. But doesn't climax to the end of the film so your on the edge of your seat til the very end of the film. A must see film. You must have this film for your collection feaito. (to be Continued)
  9. My eyes are weepy today losing Anne Bancroft she was a marvel great person, wonderful actress, and a wonderful helpmate to her husband Mel Brooks and a great mom to their son Max. My favorite movie is "The Seven Woman " each time i watch this film i Gasped at Annie's performance the impact stays with me for days.Also the Pumpkin eater, and as Annie Sullivan in the miracle worker. But i know she'll be forever known as "Mrs. Robinson. Condolescences to Mel, Max, family & friends. Annie rest in peace Applause! Applause! standing ovation! You are the best there is they don't come any
  10. Leslie Howard.... for giving him his first real breakinto films in the "Petrified Forrest" bogie was very grateful to him for that. His daughter is named Leslie....lolite.
  11. Room for One More 1952 with Betsy Drake the former mrs. Grant,great film! Father Goose North by Northwest Penny Serande
  12. Natalie Wood, Irene Dunne, Rosalind Russell, Audrey Hepburn and Kate Hepburn.
  13. Feaito welcome back from your vacation! great review of this movie thanks for taking the time William Warren is to die in this film he is incredible! & the soon to be stars Bette Davis & Humpfrey Bogart in the film too! Feaito, i have my review of "Secret Agent" in the general discussions forum a few pages back if you care to have a look see and tell me what you think....Lolite.
  14. In the movie "Father Of The Bride" the Spencer Tracy version Kay slams the car door on Buckleys hand & knuckles before the wedding. But during the wedding scene buckley takes off his gloves and their is no injury to his hand! Either editors goofed or Vincent Minnelli did! lolite.
  15. "The Blob" was the first scary movie for me as a child it starrs Steve McQueen i was 7 years old at the time when the blob engulfed people i buried me head in my sleeve also it took a long time before i could even eat much less look at jello!.....lolite
  16. Forrest Tucker mongo, the movie poster of the crawling eye to this day gives me the creeps!!THAT EYE! UGH!....
  17. Ken! iwas thinking it was the head of the council but then thought it was Felpe. My oh my! that was a good matinee & serial thanks again ken now on to Zane Grey next week with buttered popcorn at the ready! lolite.
  18. chicargo i think maybe Boston ??....just a guess!!! lolite.
  19. George Sanders in "The Saint " the kind of banner exchanges with his girl friend.... ? just a guess lolite.
  20. Coffeedan in answer to your trivia question Dale Evans lolite.....
  21. oops! I meant i love this cute movie, first of the month money on the brain know what i mean folks!wink! lolite.
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