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  1. To Tillmany, why not read back a few posts in the forum? your questions regarding the Charley Chase short were already answered......
  2. Yes, and to push it, the subject of the Chase short was medical, mental health, which was the topic of "Elephant Man," so the short had a connection to the feature films before and after.
  3. I caught all of the Charley chase short "Something Simple" between 7:43 and 8.01, and that's on Canadian TCM, which doesn't normally carry Hal Roach films.
  4. The problem is the Hal Roach/Hallmark films, not RKO. My mistake. (I'm the "friend.").For instance, I very much wanted to get the 45-minute Frances Langford musical "All-American Coed" 7:15 am Feb 9th, but it and the following film "Flying with Music" were replaced by "The Sandpiper" on TCM Canada. We are just not getting the newly-resurrected Hal Roach films, which I've never seen. Some of the shorts, the Taxi Boys etc. have also been dropped, but some of those DO air, thankfully. Another huge loss was "Merrily We Live," an MGM film, which M-Mose and I both wanted in the good quality I'm g
  5. And Barbara selling her Body to be allowed to stay on the train. BIG addition!
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