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  1. hi, captbilly again. first, thanks to Kyle In Hollywood for the info on getting answers on this board. second, thanks to the tcm moderator for answering my question about "the little girl who lives down the lane" snafu. hope you had a good holiday.( i get time off over the holidays, too, which is why i didn't answer until now) and i agree with movieman, i wanna see The Most Dangerous Game, too. i was hoping it would be included with the King Kong dvd that came out in 2005. it should have been. same cast, sets and director. they talk about it on the docu, but didn't include it.
  2. why wound you report this? i think the poster has a right to post their message. just because you don't agree means you shound kill the message. it's not porn, and it has a warning in the subject line. the only reason i clicked on it was the warning.
  3. it just so happens i was the person who missed the jodie foster movie in December. a schedule change may have been made, but the promo that ran at the end of the film before the j. f. movie was to run stated the "the little girl who lives down the lane " was next. and at 10 p.m., the little princess ran. so,in that instance, something went wrong at TCM that night. also, on TCM underground, also in december, two lon chaney were shown out of order. so, as i was interested if anyone else had any problems, i found several messages about similar problems. so, i was wondering why nobody from TCM ha
  4. i have noticed alot of postings over the last week or two (or three) that have been about problems on TCM. movies starting late, running long, showing out of order, Rob Zombie disappearance. and NO response from TCM. i visit other boards, and when you post a question, usually someone that runs the board answers the question in a day or two (or three). so...is there anybody out there? heeellooo, anybody home?
  5. where was rob zombie last night? i woke up, turned on the dvd recorder, saw demetia 13 with no rob intro. i thought the movie started early or somthing. i checked i walked with zombie, and found out that TCMU wasn't on. wha happen? i checked the TCMU website and rob was SUPPOSE to host it. last week, they showed the movies out of order, now this. and another thing, i print out the TCM schedule 2-3 months ahead of time at the library.on tuesday, dec. 19, TCM was showing the little girl who lives down the lane at 10:15 pm, and the little princess a midnight. come tuesday, they showed out of or
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