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  1. I'm fairly certain this was aired on TCM, as that's the only movie channel I had at the time. Yes, it may have been in TCM's first year or two also. I recorded it (before DVRs), on VHS tape, which i can't play now--(I tossed my old vhs player & the tape). Not sure why it's not on TCMs data base or "moviecollectorh's database"but again, I find discrepancies in TCMs data base and am not a fan of any of their search engines.
  2. Rest in Peace Kirk Douglas. You were certainly one of the "greats" of Hollywood. I have tried and tried to get a message to him via twitter --to anyone who may have access to him as he was the last surviving actor from the movie "In Harm's Way;" in which I deduced there's a or a few missing scenes. Even the transcripts available have that portion blacked out. I figured he could say whether or not this part of the story line hit the editors floor. At about 20 minutes in, the ship he & John Wayne are officers, it's awkward in that there's no reason given for a guard posted at or near Douglas
  3. Love that Brute (1950) Paul Douglas... TCM used to play this often... endearing romcom gangster movie. The Barbarian & the Geisha, John Wayne. The 1970s version of "Black Christmas" Wake of the Red Witch (J. Wayne)..... The Big Country (1958) EPIC film. "Them!" should be played every month. More Gregory Peck (and not the typical stuff, i.e., The Yearling over & over again. How about Horatio Hornblower and many other Peck movies that weren't necessarily commercial hits, but better movies than has been offered lately). I know TCM doesn't play T.V.
  4. It appears to me that the space allowed to post the "on demand" movies is limited, so that they older movies are falling off even though they've not expired... the search engine works sometimes to bring the movie up to hit "play" but we all know the search on the WatchTCM is nearly useless. I can see from all these comments TCM really doesn't care to listen to complaints. Anyone notice the movie "The Sea Hawk" 1940 version is the ? 1924 version? They've got the titles correct (playing old & remakes together this month), but the movie downloaded for us to view is inaccurate; i.e., they've d
  5. Not one single movie (now) is loading from TCM's On Demand list. This happened at Thanksgiving time too. Every movie shared after 12/19 is not loading or playing. I've tweeted to both TCM & DirecTV trying to get someone's attention; to no avail. People pay upgraded fees/charges on their cable/satellite services just to get TCM and it's ridiculous that TCM ignores this major problem. In November (and even before that), when tweeting to TCM, they at least responded saying "they're working on it" but this time, no responses at all. (Oh, and if someone responds saying it's my computer or inter
  6. Ok, I'll try it.... Non Actor, Made 70 films, Family home turned into girl's school, Changed only capitolization on name between professional and personal name. Who am I?
  7. The Song of Bernadette... Chas Bickfor, Jennifer Jones
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