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  1. Unfortunately, the only way to get this 71-minute documentary is by buying the high-priced 13-part DVD called "I, Claudius (1977)" from digitaleyes.com (best price) for about $60.00. This 740-minute DVD includes that documentary "The Epic That Never Was." I would also keep checking with TCM scheduling to see if it might be shown in the future. Or, if you're very enterprising, you can check with your local rental stores for a copy, but it could be hard to find I'm sure...
  2. I don't remember the ending but it'll be on again May 7th, 2:00PM Eastern.. Mark your calendar...
  3. Michael J. Fox in "Teen Wolf" (1985), a rather famous (infamous) goof (staged by an extra) at the very end of the movie, while Scott's dad is walking down to congratulate him at the end of the basketball game, in the upper left side of the screen near the top of the bleachers is the extra who is seen exposing himself for attention. It was obviously missed and is in all versions. Also, there are no palm trees in Nebraska... Message was edited by: newswatcher4u
  4. Thanks, jarh. Quite a compliment! Let's see, nonpareil, as in: "A small, flat chocolate drop covered with white pellets of sugar." Just kidding...that's the third meaning of a noun. Thanks for nudging me into researching the Farkles. I can remember watching "Laugh In" when I was in the Army in So. Calif. Sure helped me deal with the Army life! Best to ya!
  5. Haven't got a clue. Just got tired of seeing a "0" in replies next to your post. Have a really nice week ;-)
  6. There is no listing of "Imitation..." on this site: http://www.bessel.org/culture.htm but you may want to email paul; he actually might welcome the question since his site has had only 1,700 hits since June, 2001. Not exactly google...
  7. Hitchcock's ?The Man Who Knew Too Much?. It was last shown on TCM on Saturday, November 19th, 2005. Not listed in schedule through April, though. Oh, yes, the plot: A family vacationing in Morocco accidently stumble on to an assassination plot and the conspirators are determined to prevent them from interfering by kidnapping their son. Typical Hitchcock, suspense, anxiety, murder, intrigue: in other words pretty much a description of our world today...or an hour spent watching "American Idol." Message was edited by: newswatcher4u
  8. It's called alliteration...and, I might say, a nice job, although I, personally, would have used "fanatic" instead of "frantic." "The repetition of the same sounds or of the same kinds of sounds at the beginning of words or in stressed syllables, as in ?on scrolls of silver snowy sentences." [From ad- + Latin littera, letter.] -dictionary.com Flicker Farkle was played by Ruth Buzzi (one of my faves), all she ever said was "Hiiiii..". Father Frank was played, of course, by Dick Martin. Did you know that Farkle is also the name of the Fark.com-specific application of the popular Goo
  9. Couldn't find them either. I'd recommend www.moviehunter.tv/ and see if they can help. Best to ya.
  10. Hopster, I'd turn the caps lock off...implies yelling in internet discussions. Can you give the exact or near date that you saw the movie? Approximate time? Advise.
  11. I would just use the "Suggest A Movie" link. You can post it in any message thread but I don't think it would help you much. Just use the "Suggest" link and wait...
  12. I live in the West. Gregory Peck does not show-up for "Hornblower" through the 20th for MAX (for TiVo "Wishlist" "actor" listings) in the West. But I see on HBO's site it is showing in the "EAST." So if you live in the East, go for it (that is if you have MAX, a premium service).
  13. Sorry, "Dawn.." and "Charge..." are not set for release anytime soon but are available at collector's prices for VHS (see amazon.com). Best bet is check around used video stores (in particular Blockbuster who had a big VHS buy of used movies October through November). I also do not see those titles in February, March, April on TCM (although there are a lot of Flynn movies scheduled for January and February). You might have a friend with a TiVo DVR and satellite do a "wishlist" for "actor" "Errol Flynn" "movies" and do a watch for you to see if any network shows them coming-up. You could co
  14. Here is some information on that issue: http://www.groupsrv.com/movies/about45884.html I found this easily by using www.google.com and searching "Rogers Cable and TCM" (without the quote marks). You, too, can use google or your favorite search engine to keep up-to-date on your issue in Ontario. There is good contact information in the above article for you to act as well as others who would enjoy having TCM.
  15. I think it's a trick question. They started a movie together, "A Woman of His Own" (released as "Desire Me"), but he quit the film. I believe Richard Hart took over his role and Robert Mitchum co-starred. George Cukor and Mervyn LeRoy were among a number of directors who worked on this film without taking credit. Thus, leaving the film with no director's credit at all. Mr. Montgomery is the January star of the month and you can read a short TCM article here: http://www.turnerclassicmovies.com/thismonth/article/?cid=114217
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