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  1. Love looking at the schedule in advance, but most films on the January 2016 schedule have the stars omitted in the summary description, with minor cast members listed instead. Here, for example, is the second film listed for January 1: 8:30 AM SOYLENT GREEN (1973) A future cop uncovers the deadly secret behind a mysterious synthetic food. Dir: Richard O. Fleischer Cast: Joseph Cotten , Brock Peters , Whit Bissell . C-97 mins, CC, Letterbox Format http://www.tcm.com/schedule/monthly.html?tz=est&sdate=2016-1-01
  2. TCM took the best online movie schedule available, even for the premium channels, and made it among the worst. What a terrible shame!
  3. OK--the bottom line is that my initial post was correct in stating it was a S&P issue (which I thank TCM for truthfully acknowledging). Past that, one can have an opinion on TCM's action here. I think mine is clear enough, so I won' belabor it.
  4. OK--the bottom line is that my initial post was correct in stating it was a S&P issue (which I thank TCM for truthfully acknowledging). Past that, one can have an opinion on TCM's action here. I think mine is clear enough, so I won' belabor it.
  5. Please--the topic at hand is TCM unwarranted self-censorship in this case. If you want to discuss artistic merit, there are zillion TCM films that are bad--how many "Maisey" films are worth a damn?
  6. Jake, The film wasn't bouned on artistic merit, jusr on an apparently brainless application of "standards" not applied to numerous other films.
  7. My point is that ZP is precisely the type of film we (or at least I) would hope TCM would give a showing in the US. Their respone to the passing of Antonioni (and Bergman)--basically none--was disappointing enough; this compounds the insult. ZP is far from Antonioni's greatest film, in most people's eye--but it is significant (falling between two of his greatest films (Blow-Up and The Passenger), and it is unavailable on home video. And it is in no way some sleazy exploitation flick or "porn". (I am traveling so I am posting via cell phone--so please forgive any formatting or spelling errors. )
  8. The ZP info comes from a source inside TCM. I can't speak to Marihuana. If TCM wants to call me a liar, that would be very illuminating, but I am not going to presume they will do that--let them respond.
  9. Could somebody explain this move to me? A 38 year old art film, long out of print on home video, directed by one of the world's greatest filmmakers (Antonioni), was scheduled for a 2:15am showing on TCM in March. Then it disappeared from the schedule. As it turns out, TCM's standard and practices department had the film yanked, on the basis of sex and nudity. Huh? Is this the same TCM that has shown films like Shampoo (more than once in this case) already? Or which currently has The Hunger on its May schedule--a film which (until Bound, at least) has the most famously hot lesbian sex scene in Hollywood history? "Uncut and commercial free" presentation of classic films is TCM's avowed mission statement. Their conduct in this case is the farthest thing from it.
  10. I am new to this forum, so I will try to be gentle (not usually my first instinct, I am afraid), but people who pooh-pooh what TCM would be like in HD are really clueless. We just got a Samsung 40 in. 1080p LCD TV about a month ago. We have Dish Network for programming, including all their (former Voom) HD channels, including one called "World Cinema"--it is OUTRAGEOUS. They have had a Kurosawa festival this month--we've watched The Bad Sleep Well, Ran, Throne of Blood, High and Low, and The Hidden Fortress; just stupendous in HD, widescreen (for some bizarre reason Dodes Ka Den was not widescreen). We have also seen other classic fims in HD already--Witness For The Prosecution, Hell In The Pacific and Knife In Water come to mind. The difference between these and TCM's SD picture was SO radical I cannot describe it. Ran you might expect, since it is such a gorgeous film visually, but even on the older B&W films--I mean, the level of detail on Mifune's coat of armor in Throne of Blood was like a revelation. Short of seeing the film with a new transfer in a movie theater (how likely is that now?), you just haven't seen the same Throne of Blood that I saw recently. And the first battle sequence in The Hidden Fortress was jaw-dropping; my girlfriend had never seen the film and I felt almost the same way. I realize all the technical stuff can be intimidating. I used to labor under misconceptions confusing HD with Digital (NOT the same, although HD is a digital signal). But really--take a look at these films in HD and then watch the same thing in SD; it is a bigger difference than watching a muddy old VHS tape versus a remastered DVD on your current TV. TCM would be fantasitc in HD; I'd pay $10 extra a month for it alone (and that is almost what I pay extra for all my HD programming). Message was edited by: KingoGondo
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