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  1. What has happened ? Is this site still alive ? Is Mr.Gorgeous out of favour ? Kind regards, Julie PS: I miss you guys.
  2. HELLO ! I feel like I am visiting a ghost town ! Is there anybody out there ? What has happened to this marvellous site of late ? Can we get it rolling again ? Ofcourse we can. Anyway, I miss my chats about Mr.Gorgeous and his films. Kind regards, Julie
  3. HELLO ! I feel like I am visiting a ghost town ! Is there anybody out there ? What has happened to this marvellous site of late ? Can we get it rolling again ? Ofcourse we can. Anyway, I miss my chats about Mr.Gorgeous and his films. Kind regards, Julie
  4. Hi, Danny ! Do you go back to school before after the film ? If before, you have something to look forward to; if after, you will have something to look back on and smile with delight ! I just adore the way FA walks in with the towel and the way he gets up to the weighing machine shaking because he has been asked to take his ("weighty") hat off ! :x I hope you will record the film because you will want to see it again for the best bits All The Best, Julie
  5. This cutie of ours could be singing "My Eyes Adore You" in that fab photo ! Robert seemed to like being away from the humdrum Army life because of his pixie-like anti-social behaviour ! He looked quite happy behind "bars" except when he was in Rita's company and back again ! He seemed to have a nag of getting into trouble without ever worrying about the consequences of his actions. I agree the story is not really all that great BUT it is FA I look at !!!! :x :x:x Please, Danny, do tell us what you thought of the film and which were your best scenes. Kind regards, Julie
  6. Hello To One and All ! Danny, you will love "You'll Never Get Rich". FA is really lovely in it (particularly sporting a towel and a hat with a weighty metal ring inside it to make him heavier in order to get in the Army) ! I think his bare legs are soooooooo cute ! :x There is that famous "palm tree setting" staged for a lovely singing/dancing bit with Rita: gorgeous song and ever so romantic. A FA in uniform is extra special (as if that were possible !) :x Kind regards, Juie
  7. You made my day (yet again) QA...thanks a million. WOW ! That is the ONE... Julie
  8. Many thanks, QA for all the info. No, I have not seen a single clip from "Roberta" and it is sooooooo frustrating ! I am looking at my weekly TV Guide and TCM (and Cinema 1 & 2) for any films starring THE most sexy guy that ever walked on planet Earth, oh: and danced on it, too ! Kind regards, Julie
  9. Hi, Birdy ! I like the two characters that FA & GR play in "Shall We Dance"...they feed off each other and FA looks like a naughty little boy in some of the scenes. He is soooooooo cute Why do you think that "The Barklays of Broadway" is sad, Birdy ? Josh and Dinah re-unite and she realizes how much she loves him. At least Ginger got to dance "They Can't Take That Away From Me" which she wanted to do in "Shall We Dance" but in the latter in ended up as just a song. The one thing that I find a little disconcerting is how muscular GR looks (atheletic would be more polite). As for FA...well, he was 50 years old and had a few more wrinkles and bags under his eyes BUT still looked gorgeous as far as I am concerned ! Tomorrow I shall put on the "Carefree" DVD (again) just to watch that slo-mo kiss that seemed to last for ever but only really lasted a few seconds ! I would have made deliberate mistakes in order for more re-takes !!!! I am still hoping for TCM to screen "Roberta" ! It is the only FA & GR film I do not have. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah ! Hope to chat again soon. Kind regards, Julie
  10. Hi ! Hope that the weather is better in the States than it has been over here ! No sooner do the Spring dresses come out...yep, you guessed correctly ! Today the sun came out and is still sending us it's rays of hope....please let it last for more than one day B-) Are we having another quiz shortly ? I do hope so. I have watched "Shall We Dance" three times running and find it more appealing than ever. I just love it when FA says: "Peter P. Peters" and GR looks at him then raises a wry smile. The "oysters" bit is marvellous as is the click FA gives after "The honeymoon is over" farewell. His smile must be the best any man has ever had...gorgeous. WOW ! Any photos from the last scene, QA ? Please ! Kind regards, Julie
  11. Thanks for the photos of FA & JL, QA. I love it when Joan asks him if he has ever been told that women are attracted to him and the way he answers "No !" Oh,really ? But that would be FA anyway, nevermind Fred Burton/Atwell being the modest man. Kind regards, Julie
  12. We are missing are Danielle :( Any chance of a photo from "The Sky's the Limit", QA ? I just love that film and think that FA's acting is superb. I also like Joan Leslie in her role as "Joan". Kind regards, Julie
  13. To paraphrase a saying about Cleopatra (Shakespeare, ofcourse) "Age cannot wither her nor stale her infinite variety" in QA's case :- Questions cannot wither her nor stale her inventive lyrics ! I cannot get to the site, Ayres ! As for FA (:x) he certaintly does not look middle-aged in "The Sky's the Limit". Where did he get all his clothes from after buying the Texan gear ? He only had a box with his old suit in it ( when hitching a ride) and puts that in the back seat of the car! Kind regards, Julie
  14. Thank you QA. What a brilliant site to look for FA movie stats by fans. It is a pity that one can no longer vote (or am I wrong ?). Anyhow, you are the tops, Ayres.
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