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  1. I wouldn't call it a Noir either because of that lack of style. Besides having a style and a dark story Noir is also subjective. Its got to have enough of those elements to tip it Noir for you. "You watch enough Noirs and you literally get to the point where, I've heard it put this way, that "you know them when you see them." I'll go that one better. Noir, for me is a pan generic dark story told in a stylistic way that triggers a vibe that you tune to, almost akin to a drug/alcohol high. You get a Noir buzz. But its a strange type of high that is actually topsy-turvy to a drug/alcohol hi
  2. Noir is a style combined with a dark story, always has been from the get go, who ever was trying to pigeon hole it into the American Crime genre caused all the confusion.
  3. Plenty of Foreign Noir out there.
  4. Its almost in the same boat as In A Lonely Place barely any Noir visuals in that one either and none of the principal characters commits any crimes.
  5. If subs bother you the best way to do it is by watching it On Demand if you can. Then it's almost like reading a graphic novel. When the subs com up just hit pause and read them. Then either continue on or rewind 10 seconds and then play. You an get pretty good at it.
  6. Friday the 16th's Neo Noir The first up Pulp was a real snooze fest the only reason to watch for me was to see what a 50 year old Lizabeth Scott looked like 20 years after her last Noir. PULP (1972): A pulp fiction novelist (Michael Caine) fights to survive an assignment to ghost write a controversial star's memoirs. Mickey Rooney plays Preston Gilbert, the gangster film actor with real life mob ties. Noir goddess Lizabeth Scott plays his flirtatious ex-wife. Dir. Mike Hodges If you really dug Get Carter you'll hate this Some appropriate review Quotes from IMDb: "An OK idea
  7. Back in Noir Alley again. When the A.F.I. chose the 100 bests cinematography of all time, this Argentine movie was in the list among titles so it should look pretty good. Los tallos amargos (1956) was directed by Fernando Ayala. Carlos Cores portrays a journalist who forms an unlikely alliance with a Hungarian immigrant, played by Vassili Lambrinos. They open a fake journalism school. Hopefully I'll be able to catch it, We start traveling across the country on Thursday so trying to find TCM may be a problem along with the time zone changes. If it shows up On Demand all should be
  8. Girls really like the bad boys I've heard, from Dargo.
  9. Well Jane Fonda is acting like he's gods gift to women. lol.
  10. Plus its got a lot of great location sequences, Angels Flight, Downtown Los Angeles, The Follies, LA sewer and the Bradbury Building to boot
  11. What were they thinking? Currently watching Tall Story. He was also in some others. Did the the studios actually do a survey of American woman and come up with this? Somebody in the know please explain?
  12. It would make a good drinking game fil every time you saw a fan or fan shadow you take a drink 😎
  13. Which is why I consider The Indestructible Man as a Sci-Fi Noir too. Has the same premise.
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