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  1. Look in a mirror. Its not how dumb Twump is its how dumb his supporters are.
  2. How many Americans died under JOHNSON? How many Americans died under BUCHANAN? How many Americans died under FILLMORE?
  3. and make sure you tell Catholics, Mormons, Jews, anybody that isn't' an Evange-hysterical bible thumper, that they are all going to hell.
  4. Twump did it for the Nobel prize nomination he dont give a rats A$$ about Israel, unless there is a casino golf course and hotel deal in it for him. 😎
  5. I had to google her didn't know who you were talking about....
  6. Ya Got Donald Pleasence mixed up with Donald Sutherland
  7. All Cuba has to do is Offer Twump a site for a casino golf course and hotel
  8. Snagged is another out of use term. Used to mean getting a good deal, "I snagged this transistor radio down at Al's for five bucks."
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