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  1. Old House New House The Hudson Valley has a lot of estates Montgomery Place, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY, kind of looks like the old house.
  2. Where are you Miss Wonderly???? Ya ever notice that Miss Wonderly writes voluminously about the Noir Alley screenings but it's usually a few days after the fact that we see it and then she wonders why she gets no replies? Just kidding.
  3. Gotta love the subtext diggs the film gets in on Jordan Paula telling him he should go see a doctor when she doesn't feel any response to her kiss and pelvic machinations. Then later when Jordan confronts her his weapon (knife) it's only 2 inches long. lol
  4. Just West of Haver (Hi-Line Subdivision), been through there many times. The mainline of the old Great Northern RR. The tracks parallele US 2 quite a bit and I've matched those trains going 85mph.
  5. It tips Noir enough for me I wrote a Noirsville review of it.
  6. The bumper sticker on the bumper that she's standing over was white with red letters and had a hammer and sickle with "Russia Has Gun Control' lol those were the days, lol.
  7. Of course, and she's still a stunner (they wanted her to run for Miss Montana late 1960s) 2005 From around 2016 below
  8. I can understand your concern and trepidations, my "hippy chick" wife (below) used to wear (without panties i.e., now called "going commando") the identical Daisy Duke cut offs in question . The only problem was when she was in the position (below) she was pretty much showing "everything she got" there was only a 1/4 inch strip of fabric that left nothing to the imagination. lol (how sweet it was).
  9. The cat is a visual trope - a thematic storytelling device that communicate something figurative i.e, a spooky or dangerous place, used too much it becomes a cliche.
  10. PS - Next time you watch it think of Justine as the behind the scenes femme fatale manipulator. Anyway it's an entertaining 7/10. I only wish that as Desmod lays dying on the stage he comes out of his hypnotic trance and says in a Brooklyn accent, "All I did was ask her to pass me dat wrench?" lol
  11. I can't believe after all these years how everybody's missed a crucial part of this Horror Noir and that's the nature of the psychotronic femme fatale Justine played by Allison Hayes. The reason everybody mentions the unexplained relationship between Justine and Desmond is because they didn't get it. It is Justine who is the master hypnotist. She has Desmond hypnotized. It is she that has made him Desmond the Great. Justine is the one with the jealous vendetta against beautiful women. Desmond is her suave pawn. It's easy to imagine, after watching the opening theater demonstration
  12. But speaking of that, you know all the rath that Rooney gets from Breakfast at Tiffany's on one hand , but Tony Randall gets a pass for Dr. Lao on the other. There is a fine line between stereotypes.
  13. I think it was a tongue in cheek post.
  14. No, that was exactly the reason I bought Suicide Blond to get the dish on **** was going on with Gloria, it didn't even go there. A good biography should cover it all, their career; the films they were in, what they might have said about the directors and other actors they worked with, and in Gloria case **** was she thinking with her off screen antics. What made that lady tick?
  15. More Classics there (subtitle movies and silents) too BTW, sounds like you are the diabetic getting your sugar high on the same ol same ol polished Hollywood turds.
  16. Because it (The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly) should be treated with as much reverence as any other Classic and shown uncut and commercial free with a knowledgeable guest host somebody along the lines of Sir Christopher Frayling giving it a proper introduction. It's a bonafide Classic.
  17. A lot of old movies aren't that good, they were basically well polished turds made by studios who concentrated all the best creative artists and personnel that really knew how to make those well polished turds. That is the legacy of the studio system. Out of every 1,000 films about 3% are going to be great, if they stand the test of time and cultural and social dynamics they may earn that classic appellation. You can see if you go back and view 1950's 1960's television that a lot of Hollywood studio talent siphoned off to TV as a result everything artistic got diluted over a bigger
  18. Maybe that is where some of the dough will go, updating antiquated systems.
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