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  1. Was wondering what the part of the cocktail that sort of looked like a white corndog sticking out of the top was? Must be something to do with the barspoon Velvet falernum. And you'd think Eddie would have talked about that cocktail also in the outro (or be sipping on one, no?), that woulda been a natural sidebar.
  2. Polynesian Pearl Diver 1 1/2 ounces Puerto Rican rum 1/2 ounce Demerara rum 1/2 ounce Jamaican rum 1 barspoon Velvet falernum 1 ounce orange juice 3/4 ounce lime juice 3/4 ounce Pearl Diver's Mix, (see Editor's Note) 6 ounces crushed ice Garnish: an orchid
  3. Yes! You want a whole separate thread or Yes! discuss it here?
  4. Well its a Noir. Where else better to discuss it. Would you rather we started a whole separate thread?
  5. Don't kid yourself Hollywood was just as twisted and freaky back then as it is now, We just never heard about most of the scandals with the big studios covering everything up.
  6. And that is the beauty of coded images and lines under the MPPC, you, the viewer can read it as twisted and freaky as your imagination will take it, and no one can say you are wrong and their interpretation is right. 😎
  7. The Long, Hot Summer (1958) watched On Demand. Orson Welles first scene, supposedly just getting out of a hospital stay has ridiculous looking very dark face makeup on. In fact throughout the whole film you can't help starring at it almost looks like blackface, lol
  8. Christmas Holiday (1947) Two women dancing together in a New Orleans brothel.
  9. "rages at Mark Zuckerberg for 'telling me I was number one at dinner' " I agree, you are more like a big piece of number 2 in my book
  10. One Upon A Time In America Before the Devil Knows You're Dead
  11. I guess author Nicholas Barber never saw Capone (1975), Susan Blakely and Director Steve Carver beat out Paul Verhoeven and Sharon Stone by 17 years and with a better angle.
  12. The Man in Half Moon Street (1945), Decoy (1946), The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951), Invasion of The Body Snatchers (1956), Manchurian Candidate (The)(1962), Alphaville (1965), Seconds (1966), The Psychic Killer (1975), Blade Runner (1982), Delicatessen (1991), Dark City (1998).
  13. He finishes his drinks though
  14. It is a Neo Noir Film. Noir is basially a pan generic dark story told in a visually stylistic way. You can have, besides Crime Noir, Drama Noir, SiFi Noir, Western Noir, Exploitation Noir, Experiental Noir, etc., etc.
  15. Crime drama - that is where you are mistaken. Of the original Noir - Pierre Chenal’s “Crime and Punishment” (1935), Jean Renoir’s “The Lower Depths” (Les Bas-fonds) (1936), Julien Duvivier’s “Pépé le Moko” (1937), Jeff Musso’s “The Puritan” (1938), Marcel Carné’s “Port of Shadows” (Le Quai des brumes) (1938), Jean Renoir’s “La Bête Humaine” (1938), Marcel Carné’s “Hôtel du Nord” (1938), Marcel Carné’s “Le Jour se lève” (Daybreak) 1939, and Pierre Chenal’s “Le Dernier Tournant” (1939), none of them are films about private detectives hard-boiled or otherwise and none of them are police p
  16. Sorry for you . Tell us why you don't think it is a film noir, I'm curious. Chartier and Frank got the whole phenomena rolling. We are all waiting on pins and needles.
  17. And speaking of Thaxter did you notice when she grabs Leigh's small automatic at the house she doesn't put it in the draw she opens but in her purse, wonder if that was going to be another plot point that never was developed or got discarded.
  18. Exactly! You watch enough Noirs and you literally get to the point where, I've heard it put this way, that "you know them when you see them." I'll go that one better. Noir, for me is a pan generic dark story told in a stylistic way that triggers a vibe that you tune to, almost akin to a drug/alcohol high. You get a Noir buzz. But its a strange type of high that is actually topsy-turvy to a drug/alcohol high in that it works like this. For Noir neophytes they will only get that high from the hard boiled hardcore Noirs with Detectives, Femme Fatales, and murder. They are the Noir junkies, t
  19. You don't? Do you have a reading comprehension problem? Read this SLOWLY "Jean-Pierre Chartier – the other French critic who used the term “film noir” – wrote Americans Also Make Noir Films for La Révue du Cinéma in November of 1946. In that article he discusses three films: “Murder My Sweet,” “Double Indemnity” and “The Lost Weekend.”" (William Ahern) We wouldn't even be talking about FILM NOIR if those two French critics hadn't written those two critiques. The New York Times noted the dark films as being part of what they were calling the Red Meat Crime Cycle, not quite as ca
  20. Yes, two French critics jump started it all after WWII mentioning five American Films that reminded them of the French Poetic Realist Noir from mid to late 1930s. "In August 1946, L'Écran français published Nino Frank’s article A New Kind of Police Drama: the Criminal Adventure. He begins by citing “seven new American films that are particularly masterful: ‘Citizen Kane,’ ‘The Little Foxes,’ ‘How Green Was My Valley,’ plus, ‘Double Indemnity,’ ‘Laura,’ and, to a certain extent, ‘The Maltese Falcon’ and ‘Murder My Sweet.’” He then focuses only on the crime films. Jean-Pierre Chartie
  21. I've been so busy I haven't been able to catch Noir Alley when its regularly presented on Sat or Sun. So I've been catching them On Demand (if they show up) lol. This is one film that I thought I'd seen already. But surprisingly no, I must have gotten it confused with House of Strangers where Conte also has a set of brothers. This was a new one for me. lol It. should be noted that after Bogart with 15 Noir, Richard Conte has the second most Noir appearances at 14 Noir.
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