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Everything posted by cigarjoe

  1. Not that I know of, but an employer could probably require you to get one for a job.
  2. And they can ship it by rail like they do the bakken shale oil from eastern Montana and North Dakota. ore RR jobs!!!
  3. And they can ship it by railroad just like they did for the Montana/North Dakota bakken shale.
  4. Just round the up as seditionists and try them now
  5. Your back, was wondering what was up.


  6. Are you an insurrectionist? I think we should know who you are but maybe TCM is already doing its patriotic duty. Keep posting and don't delete you account.
  7. Maybe he cut a deal to rat on his Proud Boy/White Supremacist buddies and they made an example of him as a warning.
  8. Yea I obviously figured that, but that's really me in the avatar on the left.
  9. This is the problem, It is healthy to let the yoyos speak but its not healthy to let them do so under anonymity. If ya want to be a yoyo I want to know who you are, I want your neighbors to know who you are.
  10. Well? What did Twitter come up with? Use your imagination, what would you come up with since you seen to be ready to pounce on an answer.
  11. Maybe TCM should revisit their code of conduct
  12. A passenger manifest for the FBI to pursue.
  13. Better than the stimulus check the US Government should offer a $5000 bounty per head to people to identify the insurrectionists in their communities . TCM could probably make $20-30 thousand right here.
  14. A real show of farce. Where did they park all the clown cars?
  15. Look how easy would it be to walk right up into the White House an take care of business there.
  16. How are there not any dead Maggots? Those Capital Police should have been in fear of their lives, I thought first response is unload your full clip????
  17. Until they start dying in the streets, To quote Fonda in OUTITW "people scare a lot better when they're dying."
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