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  1. In the British Noir the police also always seem to figure things out way too quickly one way or another and always get their man. There are never any dumb British coppers at least in the ones I've seen.
  2. I haven't heard "I'll bet you dollars to doughnuts" in a while either
  3. I watched the whole thing, didn't remember any of it. Though I did have it marked as watched on my list. Maybe I got it mixed up with that Ross Martin Noir it's got a similar title. I looked at it as an inspiration for cheap bottom of the barrel creative filmmakers.
  4. probably because we seen most of the good ones in the TCM library
  5. Hey....... Now that is an IDEA. Lets get Governor Cuomo to dangle a New York State pardon (sotto voice) to Trump if he goes down to Georgia and campaigns for the two Democrat's against the two Repeds. The great hordes of his brain dead followers would do whatever the stable genius says without question, no? What do you say Cid you got your finger on the pulse of the trailer trash Twumpers they'd blindly do whatever he tells them to. Twump will understand that particular Art of the Deal, no? No Democrat controlled Senate no pardon.
  6. No payoffs to Red State Maggots either...... remember, MM and Nipzoid I got it from a good source that Alpo Dog food is the best tasting in a pinch makes good Maga-which sandwiches
  7. US media reports: 70 million Brain Dead People Voted for Donald Twump! (be afraid be very afraid)
  8. Biden's victory is NOT a victory for Democrats....... No its actually a victory for sane Americans.
  9. Even worse in New York State lock ups Donny, I wonder whose beech you'll be?
  10. Fear (1946) tonight. Thought I hadn't seen it but checked my list and I have seen it must have not made much of an impression, lol. Well I'll give it another go.
  11. ...... And my inheritance or the ability to continue to con the rubes
  12. Here is another you don't here much anymore dipsomaniac
  13. Yea that explains all the Twump supprt when the milder Covid 18 went though about 5 years ago ..... Thanks
  14. When it came to planning his postelection fight, Trump was an Apprentice. Maureen Dowd By Maureen Dowd Opinion Columnist Nov. 6, 2020 WASHINGTON — We expected more of Donald Trump. An epic, Jack Nicholson-in-the-Overlook-Hotel meltdown, not just Rose Garden-variety mewling. A conspiracy with grandiosity, not merely pathetic blathering about pointless lawsuits from his entitled children and oddballs Rudy Giuliani and Richard Grenell. The president has had all this time to hatch a spidery plot to ruin democracy on the way out the door, and this is the best he can com
  15. Arizona didn't really exist. By the late 1840s, the tension in the United States between free and slave states was building to a boil. Each side in the controversy was fearful of the other getting an upper hand and the new territories in the West became pawns as to whether they would be free or slave. The South was interested in the territories seized from Mexico, the present Arizona, Utah and New Mexico and they believed also that a majority of the population of the southern portion of California was pro slavery. For a decade, Southerners promoting a southern Pacific railroad were particularl
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