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  1. After seeing "The Stunt Man" again last night I was reminded of how good he was in that. He could have won for that film as well. BTW - anyone ever notice that both "The Stunt Man" and the TV series "Mad Men" both feature music that was lifted/sampled from the 50's hit "Autumn Leaves"?
  2. Three times! TV movies in 1959 (Ed Wynne as Kringle) and 1973 (Sebastian Cabot as Kringle). Then of course the feature film remake in 1994 with Richard Attenborough as Kringle. The original is still, and shall always be, the best.
  3. Just watched it again a couple of days ago for the thousandth time or so. LOVE that film. However, in his introduction to the film, Robert Osborne neglected to mention a cast member who fits in perfectly with this month's Oscar theme. Jack Albertson. Albertson, who went on to win a Supporting Actor Oscar for "The Subject Was Roses" appears briefly as a mail sorter who is the first to pull out the envelopes addressed to Kris Kringle. Though Osborne does mention the appearance of Thelma Ritter as a Macy's shopper (she was nominated 6 times but never won an Oscar) I think he should have ment
  4. I've just noticed that TCM has switched their ID Tag (the little TCM logo in the bottom right corner of the screen). Whereas it was previously a rather unobtrusive station identification it is now an over-sized white blob. Does anyone at TCM understand the meaning of the word 'obtrusive'? The previous ID Tags were subtle and didn't interfere with one's enjoyment of the film. Now I find myself wondering what scene is going to be ruined when the next tag comes on in 20 minutes. Whoever authorized this at TCM is most definitely NOT a lover of film. Very, very sad. I hope TCM will reconside
  5. Was really looking forward to watching this when I got home from work on Friday night. Revved up the old PVR and settled in later that night to watch one of my all time favourite films and BAM! TCM was showing an edited version! What gives TCM? Aren't we past all that nonsense at this stage of the game?
  6. I too like Ben. He and Robert Osborne are the best damn hosts in the business. TCM made a brilliant move getting those two guys. And by the way, why no more Saturday cartoons?
  7. I agree. Is there a moderator somewhere out there? A TCM rep who can at least acknowledge an individual's concerns?
  8. As someone who works in television up here in the great white north I think it is safe to say that the reason you have "Foreign Correspendent" and "Father Goose" while we don't is because of the rights holders for the "territory" of Canada. More than likely the rights holder for Canada is the pay channel "Moviepix" which is owned by Astral Media. Which is a shame really because Moviepix has absolutely no respect for the older films in their catalogue. They are seldom shown and when they are it is usally a one-off for a period of six months or so. They won't even bother to show an available
  9. Did anyone else out there find that the scheduled start times were off by 10 - 15 minutes for each movie? My wife and I came home early from our New Year's Eve party and decided to watch Duck Soup on our PVR and found that the movie had started considerably before the scheduled 8:15 start time. The same for each succeeding film. Major BUMMER!!!!! Someone asleep at the switch at TCM???
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