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  1. "Problems" is an understatement. This is a complete, unmitigated disaster of an upgrade. The site as a whole is crawlingly slow. I have on another thread indicated my annoyance at seeing useful information replaced with Maltin ratings. Yes, you can access the info with a click, but that means yet another long wait while the thing loads. At the moment I can't access the schedule *at all* past early Tuesday morning. I would not be able to program my PVR or the rest of the week had I not been lucky enough to download and print the March monthly schedule before it disappeared. No one
  2. I am pretty much in agreement with Klint, although I would like to add that Maltin is a very, very nice man. It's just that it's completely ridiculous that his opinions should take up space on the schedule page which was formerly occupied by *useful* information, such as cast lists and running time. I suppose there is still some way of obtaining the latter info, but so far all I can say is that clicking the "expand" button produces no results of any kind on my browser. And, as others have pointed out, the site has become very. . . very. . . slow. Strange how may web site designers c
  3. A very good suggestion! I've sent in a complaint.
  4. They also ran "Rodeo Dough" following SIDE STREET this morning. No sign of the schedule for the rest of the week getting updated, either. Well, looks like it's back to the bad old days of having to record every likely interval between movies.
  5. I've been wondering the same thing. There are several dead spots in Wednesday's schedule for which no shorts have been announced as of Tuesday evening.
  6. Whew--thanks for the update! I was glumly anticipating a day of scheduling chaos.
  7. I'm really looking forward to these as well, but be warned, there are likely to be last-minute scheduling changes. Right now TCM has ONE ROMANTIC NIGHT, which runs 108 minutes, slotted into a ninety-minute slot that afternoon. It's reasonable to assume that starting times for the rest of the day's screenings will be modified to take the overrun into account--so keep checking the online schedule! Edited by: rkukan on Oct 12, 2009 8:34 PM
  8. rkukan

    Van Dine Shorts

    TCM seems to be running a lot of the early 30s S.S. Van Dine shorts these days without mentioning them in the schedule, which is, to say the least, quite annoying. I caught "The Cole Case" purely by accident tonight, since I was recording "The First Auto", but there was another unscheduled Van Dine before the feature of which I caught only the last few tantalizing moments. Same thing happened last week. Why aren't these shorts listed in the online schedule?
  9. Okay, thanks very much for the lead, Zoetrope. I've found the glitch. "Letterboxed" is present in the US online schedule, but was inadvertently omitted from the Canadian online schedule, which is the one I use.
  10. I see the IMDb gives this movie as having a 2.55 : 1 ratio. TCM is running it this Saturday, but there's no indication in the schedule that a letterboxed print will be shown. Has anyone checked the previous TCM screenings? Do they run a "pan and scan" print? Thanks.
  11. Currently, the last short subject listed on the online schedule is for tomorrow (Jan. 7) at 9.01 am--I can't find anything in the days following, through the weekend. Perhaps the person who posts this information to the site is on vacation? Anyway, if there's anyone here who knows what's coming up in the next few days and would care to share the info, I imagine there are a number of us who'd be pretty grateful!
  12. Hello, Shaneequa: Between 1934 and about 1960 the National Legion of Decency, a Catholic censorship board, pretty much dictated what was or was not acceptable film content. There's no way they'd have let an "anti-Christian" movie get released. Attacking the hypocrisy (or whatever) of an individual clergyman might have got past the censors, but no blanket condemnation of Christianity. Naturally the L of D was also determined to eliminate anything which showed Communism in a good light. My guess is that what you are reacting to is the "progressive" attitude which was pretty much mains
  13. The schedule has this set for 3:33 am early Sunday morning, which doesn't seem possible, even taking the DST switchover into account. It looks like the real starting time might be around 6:15 am, when "Executive Suite" wraps up . . . Does anyone know? Richard Kukan
  14. Thanks very much for another schedule! But I'm puzzled by the starting time given for "Coffins on Wheels" on Jan. 18. 1:14pm would plonk the short down in the middle of "Mr. Lucky", which isn't supposed to finish until around 1:40. Is it possible that 1:41pm was meant? Richard
  15. I want to second that. Thanks so much, MGMWBRKO and LaughingGravy, for posting these schedules.
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