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  1. I have never seen the "new" remake and didn't want to because I did fear it would not be up to the original. Now, I am glad I remained loyal to the original movie. If something is good in its original form just let it be.
  2. Many years ago, I saw Dick Shawn live at the Illinois State fair and we made him cry. He was performing a rather obviously scripted stand up comedy act and was not enjoying it. Finally, he threw that away and just started reminiscing about his Hollywood experiences and he was killer funny! We laughed until we were in pain. That's when he began crying. It was one of those "You really love me" moments. Yeah, we thought he was genuinely funny just standing before us simply talking, in his own words, about what he had lived through professionally speaking. Kenneth Mars is a hoot in this film and i
  3. I am not responsible! I only followed orders! Vhy do you persecute me? Dear lord, is there anything better than "The Producers"? As an actor since age 11, I love this movie! Kenneth Mars just kills me! Ula...go to work!
  4. If it had been "The Adventures of Dr. Lizzardo!" it would have been a MUCH MUCH better film. Buckaroo was just too damn sweet and nice and Jeff Goldblum. They could have released a companion music album, "Doc Lizzardo Sings the Blues". Now, that would have been truely vomit enducing. Lovely. Lovely.
  5. ME?????!!!!! I am not a "Georgie Girl"! I'm an Ape of SPACE!!!! I spent my life pushing the envelope, exploring the final frontier or just how far that damn zipper on the back of her spacesuit will open before Mission Control realizes the big mistake they made sending me into space. Brian Denehy looks like a sausage in a spacesuit and really kills the mood! Actually, I am not fit for Human activity by Federal Government statute rules. It's stamped on my ****, I think.
  6. Dear God, Earth needs women, too! Okay, I volunteer to go into Space...or the Nudie Bar...and search for women. I'll peel 'em out of their spacesuits and just see what develops. Yes, there's nothing like 36 double Ds in microgravity. I know it's dangerous but Hell you left my mattress on the Moon with my Mr. Coffee! Why couldn't we have just dumped Brian Denahy!?! He doesn't look sexy in a spacesuit!
  7. I don't want to alarm you guys but they just threw out my mattress. I'll leave it to your imaginations as to where I'll be sleeping from now on. JEEEEZ! The stupid fools just ripped out the radar! Don't touch my Mister Coffee machine! Oh and for god sake, STOP FARTING IN YOUR SPACESUITS! It's bad enough you're farting in mine!
  8. Ja! Ja! Now Ve go into spaze in a V2!!!! Oh da boyzzz in da booonker vood be zoooo proud to know zat our rocket ist zooo guuut! Zumvere Goeringk ist danzing! Ja! Ja! Chooost sqeeze me into mein spazezoot mit zat gorgeous spazebabe unt I'm off to spaze!
  9. Oh boy, do astronauts love hearing that one! CRASH!!!! NOOOOOOO! As an aging spaceape, I learned all about that word...crash. BLAMO! Stinky movies are so much fun! Bring back MST 3K, please! I'll host it! Dear god, these horrible ski fi flicks are truly nauseating. Wait, just let me struggle back into my old spacesuit then send in a gorgeous blonde dressed the same way and I'll peel her like a banana. Sorry, space madness...getting to me! 12 Gs!!!!! OHHHGOOOD! I am in a permenant orbit around uranus! HELP!!!!! What stinky vault did you find these gawdawful flicks in? Burn it. Burn it all! AAAA
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