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  1. You are so right TikiSoo, In the good ole USA senior citizens seem to be considered a liability when they are actually an asset. Not to mention the healthcare (or lack of it) for those who need it. Plus my 'special interest,' at age 55, is legal and safe access to Medical Marijuana. Which is why I like to watch the old movies/documentary's regarding marijuana. Marijuana is portrayed as "A harmless smoke that will let you sleep peacefully and wake up refreshed and hungry" in Jewel Robbery (1932) to the Killer Weed in "Reefer Madness" (1937.) What a country...ugh...sigh...
  2. Thats right, its called campy. That's what makes it so much funnier. Yer it definetly is a cult classic.
  3. Way COOL!!! Insider information...Nothing is wrong with that. I think its great that Mamie has that type of attitude. She was one of my favorite "Hot Chicks" when I was young, if your curious google Bridget Bardot and see how the sun and time have changed her. Not that looks are the only thing but Hollywood is well...Hollywood, where everyone gossip's about everyone else and you are judged by your looks. Its Sowbiz baby!!!
  4. RATS!!! I totally missed Florida Friebus (Dobie Gillis.) Thanks for pointing that out. Since I recorded it on my DVR I'll watch it again and look out for her...TCM is so much fun. The next "Fun" movie I'm looking forward to is "FREAKS" played sometime around Holloween. This is a show where the stars are the side show Freaks from a travelling circus. Catch it if you've never seen it, I think everyone will enjoy this one. "TCM...its Your Father's Television."
  5. "Cheesy" is the perfect word to describe this genre. I love cheese. A good point kas to, Mamie is one of those who refuses to admit to the aging process, But right, Michael Landon looked great and I bet your right TikiSoo on the Pleasentville/Waters thing. I too am just discovering Russ Tamblyn prior to West Side Story, and thanks for the avgeeks.com hookup. I think Tamblyn was under rated as an actor just like Joel McCrea was. Originally I wasn't going to watch this but Tamblyn's acting and the campy style held my interest. I'm sure the Censor Board followed any suggestions from the governmen
  6. I Love It!!! There is a remarkable resemblance.
  7. THE TRUTH IS OUT! MARIJUANA IS A NARCOTIC AND LEADS DIRECTLY TO HEROIN ADDICTION!!! I thought I was going to fall out of the recliner when this was frighteningly exposed in "High School Confidential" with Russ Tamblyn. This isn't as funny as "Jewel Robbery" with William Powell (1932 (3).) That was a real surprise. If you haven't seen it and are a fan or the way Marijuana was portrayed in the movies you must see "Jewel Robbery" pre-code days, 1932 or 33. William Powell's character says, when asked what he gave the people to smoke, "A harmless smoke that will put them to sleep and they'll wakeup
  8. This may be a stupid question so forgive me. But is "An Affair to Remember" with Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr in 1957 a remake of "Love Affair" with Charles Boyer and Irene Dunn 1939? The plots are so similar. They meet on a cruise ship, they both visitor his grandmother, also they put a 6 months hiatus on there love for each other due to the fact that they are both engaged to someone else, Irene and Deborah both say, "Let's meet on the top of the Empire State Building, it's the closest thing to heaven." It has to be a remake, hollywood is famous for that. Does anyone know for sure?
  9. Wow, what an opportunity he had.Thank you for this information. I would have never known. I recorded commercials for radio & TV in N.Y.C. and got to learn a lot of trivia, but I never knew this and I am a big fan of Mel Blancs talent. In fact I recorded a video demo for my friend of a Bugs Bunny cartoon with Mel's voice and sfx's on one track and Jeff's voice on the other track. Guess what, he beat Noel Blanc, Mel's son, out of the job. He does a lot of character voices for commercials. Thank you for your response, I love to learn these trivia info.
  10. Thank you for your response, I always learn something good from your responses. May God bless.
  11. Thank you for your polite response. I am sorry I entered the info incorrectly. Forgive me if I have caused any trouble TCM is my favorite channel of all time. I would never want to cause any trouble or confusion. Your response taught me the correct way to use this website, I thank you and may God Bless you and TCM and the great work you do. Sincerely Eltone.
  12. I am so glad you are in the spirit of fun that this sight provides for classic film lovers like you, who enjoy these fun discussions. Try not to take it personally, I didn't write this thinking of you only or to get your anger up and ruin your whole day.May God Bless you and open your heart to the love and joy there is in life, rather than thinking everything is an attack on you i.e. Paranoia. Question: when you watch TV do you think they are talking to you? Peace be with you.
  13. I am so sorry that you didn't realize from the viewpoint the question was asked. Obviously I am not Mr. Clarke, the question was asked only for the enjoyment of finding these little curious circumstances that are similar to each other and discovering them. It's just like every time you read the same book (the bible), you always learn something new. Maybe not you but the General, universal, you. Not the individual you. However, look at the opportunity I gave for the individual you to voice your opinion. There now isn't that fun.
  14. The old movies on TCM were shot on 35mm mag stripe, with sprocket holes. You need a seperate 35mm playback machine for each reel. The sprockets allow the engineer to keep the video and audio in sync. When videotape became a standard they use what is called S.M.P.T.E. Time Code (Society of Motion Pictures and Television Engineers.) This was used as an industry standard.
  15. The majority of Mel Blanc's career was doing all the voices in the Warner Bros. Cartoons. He wasn't the first voice of Porky Pig, but when the man who voiced Porky died, Mel took over. His son, Noel Blanc, was going to take over his career when Mel died. But he wasn't good enough. I made a demo reel for my friend in New York, this was in the early 80's, his name was Jeff (last name left out intentionally,) and he got the job replacing Mel, also is the voice of "Charlie the Tuna", "The Pillsbury Dough Boy". and many others.
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