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  1. Hi, I hope I'm posting this correctly. You wrote: "I felt really bad for Dino?s struggle as an alcoholic. I was quite taken aback with Hawks addressing it; this in the Old West. Nice touch" I saw a Bio on Dean Martin a while back, maybe on "Biography" but it was told that Dean's persona was that of an alcoholic but in real life he didn't drink at all! They said that it was "Martinelli's" apple juice in that glass! It also mentions that in this bio: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001509/bio
  2. OMG! I have it!!! I just remembered I posted about this film in another message board and spent some time searching the archives. (12/07/07) has it been that long!!! "The Secret of Madame Blanche" with Irene Dunne....one of my favorite stars. It's one of "the weepers" and I just remembered that baby is so CUTE! and of course Miss Dunne is amazing! Thank you all for your effort! And if you see this listed watch it!!! Is there a way to check to see when it's airing again? I'm going to write this down now before I forget again!LOL
  3. No, it's not there. I think I'd remember if I saw the title. I remember though it didn't sound to me like it was a good title for it. But thanks a lot for your post. I love the pre-codes I wish they had a pre-code night like "underground." :- )
  4. Hey everyone, I'm a lurker but know I need some help. I can't remember the title to a film. I can't remember the year or who was in it...mid 30's or early 40's...a son marries a women who is not the class the father chooses. So, when something happens to the son the father takes the baby away from the mother who eventually finds him and covers for him around an accidental death. I hope I got that right! LOL! My memory isn't very good! That's why I can watch them over and over and never get tired of them. I would like to have this film in my collection but need the title first. Thanks...
  5. Wow! what a thread. I can't point to one thing or even two. We didn't have a TV for much of my childhood and when we did it was some old hand-me-down B&W. My first real big deal old movie for me was The Wizard Of Oz. It did give me nightmares I must admit - that wicked witch of the west! I've always preferred B&W and the oldies. Maybe because I could escape to another place and time. I'm not sure. I HATE commercials and usually the stations that carried the old movies were the local stations that had fewer commercials. I love the way an old film can have just a few actors and maybe a set or two and keep me enthralled! Maybe the lack of color is less stimulating to my eyes so I can focus on content? Maybe the fact that there are so few "special effects" that the actors have to work harder to hold me? Maybe it's that the old films have a quality that's missing in most of todays films? I don't know. In the early eighties when my kids were young we had cable TV. Wow it was so cool - no commercials! Even the old commercials are better than the news ones. (jingles that inform rather than blatant B.S. that implies I can't think for myself.) Anyway, I would watch AMC and the Disney channel (which back then didn't have commercials,) and Disney played the good old stuff - now I never watch it. I was single (divorced) then, and my now husband, would call me on the phone late at night while I was watching AMC with some old B&W on. We phone dated like this for months. We did marry, and being in the mist of change - collage, kids, jobs......I moved and didn't have cable for years. Finally, in 2001 we hocked up satellite . I was SO bummed to discover what they had done to AMC!!! and Disney!!! BUT, fortunately, I discovered TCM so I could watch all my beloved old films and discover new ones. A while back my husband wanted to lump our services into a package (comcast) that would mean switching to cable - what! no TCM!? Forget it!!! no way!!!.... I won!!! well, he knew when he married me....... I get teased, rolling eyes, oh brothered, and you name it all the time. Nice to know I'm not alone! I'm especially interested in the pre-codes. We have a great movie place here that has many of them. I would love a complete list if anyone knows of such a list. I watched the special on the pre-codes a while back and I wrote down a bunch of them. I love the clothes the women wore in the forties - classy! I'd actually wear one of those dresses! I'm also amazed all the time how the old films content is so relevent to our times. I guess that's a tribute to their quality.
  6. I thought the wall paper was AWFUL! so distracting! But the film was great
  7. I watched last night, for the second time in years. I don't feel much different about it - it's okay. I think the point of the film is, or at least what I took from it is.....life is wonderful when your young. You can never go back and re-live it. They'd better enjoy it while it last..... BTW, I'm new to this board - but not to TCM!
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