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  1. Hello all! I love to watch the special features with movies, especially documentaries. Does anyone want to recommend any blu ray/dvd or boxed sets that you feel have particularly good extras? I have a lot of the big ones like Casablanca, Wizard of Oz, Singin in the Rain etc.
  2. Has anyone read any of the biographies about Jeanettea? I see a few and am wondering if anyone can recommend the best one and why. Also, I have most of her early films for Lubitsch, is there a boxed set out there anywhere for her films with Nelson Eddy?
  3. I like the Aristocats, though it is not my Disney favorite. I do like the music and even have some framed lithographs from the movie that I found some years back. Not my favorite era for Disney movies, but it still is fun, especially Everybody Wants to be a Cat! I remember having that song on a 45 record when I was a kid. I loved the Emperor's New Groove....I think that movie is so underrated, totally hilarious! And the first Lilo and Stitch will always hold a special place with me. I really love all of the early Disney movies and I like a lot of the music from Disney movies over
  4. I hadn't watched The Music Man for a while and forgot how great it is! I am a musical fan but my tastes are more towards the 40's and 30's, but this one has some really great tunes, and I enjoyed the story as well.
  5. This movie sounds really appealing to me. Does it contain any graphic violence, vomit, etc? I have a hard time watching these things, especially on the big screen. I have mixed feeling about Woody Allen's movies, some of them I really like, others I can't get into at all. I absolutely love The Purple Rose of Cairo, that is probably my favorite.
  6. I too watched and enjoyed the discussion before and after! It was great to watch this movie in prime time.
  7. Anyone close enough planning to go to this? I live about an hour away and am considering making the trip. Looks like it will be a neat experience!
  8. I have a lot of answers to this question. Like many have said, it is an escape to a different time. I do not like graphic violence, vomit, etc., and I know that these things will not be shown in classic films, but that is probably more an answer to "why I don't watch a lot of current cinema" instead of "why I watch classic films. There is something that just speaks to me in many of these films, a kind of magic that is only understood by other people who enjoy classic films. I'm a sucker for an old fashioned hollywood romance, since my "romances" have never been anything like that. I love
  9. I started watching this movie Thursday morning but had to leave for work about 20 minutes in. I unfortunatley, do not have DVR. Does anyone know where I can find it? I want to see the rest of it, but haven't had much luck locating it so far.
  10. I think with Bogey it was definitely presence and power. I don't find him to be that attractive, but there is something sexy about him. I don't tend to be attracted to men with conventional good looks and when I hear peers and coworkers talking about the hot guy on whatever show they are watching, I usually don't agree. But i don't like clean-cut and conventional. A few people have mentioned William Powell and although I really like him as an actor, he doesn't do it for me looks-wise. I do agree about Joel McRea, he was good looking, as was Bill Holden. But I also am attracted to more off
  11. So many of these apply to me! My TV rarely is on another channel unless I'm in a music mood. You know you are addicted to TCM when the majority of your Facebook status updates concern a film in that day's lineup. Or....when your 3 year old asks for busby berkeley musical numbers by name.
  12. I hope so too, I really love these sets! I definitely have a soft spot for Pre-Codes and I love seeing how different they are from studio to studio.
  13. The Magnificent Ambersons, Red Dust, Three Wise Girls, The Merry Widow(1934). I'm sure I can think of more.....
  14. I was quite surprised by the lineup, especially considering that the Moguls and Movie Stars came on at 7. Not the type of lineup I expected to follow it. I actually do enjoy documentaries, but I agree that these choices just didn't seem TCM fare.
  15. I actually really like Chevalier, and I have a very soft spot for his pre-code movies(Lubitsch and Love me Tonight particularly) and I did like him in some of his later films as well. I am a musical fan though, so I could see why his style would not suit everyone.
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