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  1. That's a familiar face, all right. but I can not name the man.
  2. Thanks, 'lana. Late 1950s anthology of 30-min episodes. A handfull of rotating performers in the lead roles. An established young actor, on his way to rising higher in the business. The progrem carries the name of the sponsor. Plot: A party in a (woman) friend's apartment. This young man is busily obnoxious; interfers with the serving of refreshments, etc. He answers the doorbell and lets in a guest, then steps outside before the door closes again. The bell resumes ringing; the hostess answers and finds that he has stuck a wire into the doorbell button to hold it down. Stuff fu
  3. From a published work: Ethel Merman once said to me, "_____, your wife surely loves you." "She's pretty noncommittal about showing it," I grumbled. (My wife) yawned. "I guess I'll have to throw myself in front of a streetcar to prove it, Ethel." "There are no streetcars anymore," I pointed out in my usual literal fashion. Ethel replied, "They go uphill in San Francisco." I've been pondering that one. ???
  4. Ingram, Hank -- Bobs Watson in *Blackmail* (1939)
  5. *Has Anybody Seen My Gal Young'un?* Pass
  6. *Every Time We Say Goodbye Mister Chips* Three Edited by: cmvgor on Mar 6, 2011 9:08 AM
  7. Filling in the blanks: Title: *Rogers And Hammerstein's Cinderilla* Rising star: Julie Andrews 'lana, I tried a different research technique based on the fact that a specific date was named. It involved Ask.com, and it led to Wikkipedia, but I got there. And I realized that I saw that performance. I didn't remember La Julie, but did recall Edie Adams as Fairy Godmother, and Kaye Ballard as a really ditsy Stepsister.
  8. Correct again, and your thread again. This was a downbeat story, compared to some in the genre. Contrast Peter Lawford's demenior in this story with his upbeat performance in the orighional *Ocean's Eleven* . And Peter Falk's character won sympathy, but did not win his father's secure financial safety. The Premium Channels are unlikely to pick it up; I just hope that Lifetime or LMN will discover it and run it occasionally. Edited by: cmvgor on Mar 5, 2011 6:37 PM
  9. Correct. The Cohen brothers' breakout opus, if I remember correctly. Your thread again.
  10. ♫Livin' on jacks and queens...♫ Correct. In the episode Beamer's Last Case, first broadcast on 16 Sept. 1977, and reran Thursday night on RTV. lana's thread.
  11. *130* some more... "We wait long, gentlemen, and we wait patiently. Slowly, slowly, Area 51 yields up it's secrets."
  12. Second and final role call: "Lt. Columbo" and "Christopher Pepper" had roles in this TVM.
  13. Final conversation, same movie: _Her_: "I'm not afraid of you, Marty!" _Him_: (Laughs) "Well, maam, If I see him, I'll sure give him the message." (These two are just a couple of feet apart, in different rooms, with a wall between them. She has shot him, and he's dying. He knows, as she does not, that "Marty" is already dead -- because he killed and buried Marty.)
  14. In the earlier series, the two actors played brothers, usually having the lead part in seperate episodes, but sometimes appeareing in an episode together. In the 1970s re-teaming, the star was a private detective, and the guest was the husband of one of his clients.
  15. *Postcards From The Edge Of Sanity* Up
  16. Frank Lovejoy had the title role in *Cole Younger, Gunfighter* . James Whitmore, Jr. back from page 3
  17. duplicated deleated Edited by: cmvgor on Mar 4, 2011 11:14 PM
  18. Found one. Late 1970s. Crime & Investigation series. A guest stars in an episode that reunites him with a former co-star. In the 1950s-60s They had both been stars in a Western series. ???
  19. *It Happened To Jane Austin In Manhattan* Forty (or 40)
  20. Al Pacino as Johnny in *Frankie And Johnny* (1991) ...oh, whatthehell Elvis Presley as Johnny in *Frankie And Johnny* (1966)
  21. Role call: "Sgt. Larry Barrett" was one of the gang, and he had capered more happily, if not more profitably in another film. "Joy Boy" was the principal planner, and the one with the sickly father.
  22. That it is.. A long-running stage play before it was filmed. cagney69's thread.
  23. Things go as planned, but then some things go wrong. Turns out the banks and the businesses that use the armored-car firm's services routinely do _not_ leave large sums suspended in transit over a long weekend. There is some money there, but nothing like what they expected, nothing like what they need. And a mistake was made that means the police will soon figure out who was involved. The lead character knows that he will go to prison, and his ill father will become a welfare case. Not one of the lighthearted capers.
  24. Thanks, proso. Next, from the mid-1980s: "Fact is, he's ****, Ray.?" "Hmmm?" "In here, in here, _I'm_ ****. "Well I'll be damned." "I couldn't believe it myself." ???
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